Gabrielle Giffords: The Miraculous and the Optimistic

Aide: Time Nearing for Giffords’ Hospital Release

Representative Gabrielle Giffords is a walking miracle. She was the target of a deranged young man, Jared Loughner, who killed 6 people and injuring 13 others. Despite being shot on the left side of her head, she survived.

We have watched her progress from days after the shooting. Her husband, Captain Mark Kelly, an astronaut boarded the Space Shuttle Endeavour launch for his final flight on May 16. Gabrielle was well enough to watch the lift off in Houston.

Now, she may be released from the hospital in early July. Amazing considering the shooting happened on January 8th. The fact that she is alive is a miracle, but her speed of recovery may be even more so. Of course, she will continue rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapy. The injury was to the part of the brain that controls speech and communication.

Looking at the photos that were released today was heart-warming. She is able to smile in spite of what happened to her. Doctors and therapists are concentrating on helping her “live with a new normal.” Whatever that is, I’m sure she’ll be fine. The optimism and happiness that is radiating from her will help tremendously in the days ahead.

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