Daily Archives: 9 June 2011

Weiner – Dude, Just Resign

Weinergate just gets worse by the nanosecond. His absolutely gorgeous wife of one year, Huma Abedin, is pregnant with their first child. Nice. She should be picking out names and color-coordinated nursery crap in baby registries. Instead, she is dealing with the shame of a Twitter-happy weiner of a husband.

Think that’s bad? Andrew Breitbart apparently keeps naked pictures of Weiner’s weiner handy. He showed radio shock jocks the picture in its full, naked glory. Gone are those cute, grey briefs. Of course, they “leaked” it. And of course, I had to check it out.

Perverted and/or curious as I am? Here you go, but it’s NSFW!! Not so Little Tony

Oy vey! So we have a pregnant wife and the uncensored photo floating around the net.

He should just resign. More crap will come out, I’m sure. There have already been interviews with his online “friends.” I don’t want the next headline to read, “Text of Anthony Weiner’s Racy Chat with Atlantic City Midget Hooker.”

Top Democrats are asking him to resign. His credibility is shot. He lied and tried to cover it up. He let a lot of people down. Liberals are split on this. On Daily Kos, when he confessed, about half wanted to give him the boot and others are glad he refused to resign. I think he should. Being an awesome progressive Democrat does not give him a pass in my book.

The Tweets don’t piss me off. That’s between him, his wife, and their marriage counselor. It’s the lie. And the cover-up. He should have just owned it from the beginning.

Message to Weiner: It’s over man. Just resign. Work on your marriage and look forward to the baby. Sidebar: Why were you trolling for chicks when your wife is absolutely frickin’ gorgeous? Got tired of filet mignon I guess. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Anyway, maybe you can work in politics in a different capacity. If that doesn’t work out, judging by the photo, you could do really well in porn. Just an idea. It’s a billion dollar industry, you know.