Daily Archives: 6 June 2011

Weiner was Dumb Enough

Rep. Weiner Admits Lying, Sending Lewd Photo, Inappropriate Conversations

Yup. Anthony Weiner was dumb enough to send pictures of his weiner. I thought it was a hacker job. Nope. I was wrong. He was horny, and there were recipients willing to take a look at it.

Even after all the computer-related scandals, he thought he would get away with it? These computer geniuses can see what you’re doing right now (Hi Bill!) And to trust that these chicks would keep these pictures secret is a serious gamble.

Message to Weiner: Why are you such a dumbass? Nice press conference of shame. A lot of us defended you, so thanks a whole hell of a lot. You make the party look really, really bad. All you had to do was own it. “Yes, that was my weiner. I’m so sorry. I was thinking with little Tony. Now, excuse me because I have to beg the missus for forgiveness.” Even if you don’t resign, you will forever be known as the guy who Tweeted his weiner. Well, at least you have a nice package.

Why, Hamas? Why?

Hamas Closes Gaza Crossing into Egypt as Tensions Rise

Ugh. OK, the numbers of Palestinians that have been allowed to cross has been limited. Can’t Hamas deal with this without closing the border all together? Meet with officials in private, but let the ones who are allowed to go, go? It might be a smaller number, but it’s something. There are Palestinians who need to go to Egypt for medical reasons. Protesting the border restrictions by closing the border is just plain stupid.

This is all so sad. I have a Facebook friend from Gaza. Sweet, young guy (18). Last week, he was ecstatic about the opening. He hasn’t left Gaza for 10 years. His family has already talked about a trip to Egypt in July. He even started talking longer-term. He really wants to go to Malaysia to study dentistry.

When I woke up this morning, I saw that he messaged me and was very sad. I checked the news, and I felt so bad for him. The optimism is fading fast. I just said that we should remain hopeful and that I’d pray that the border would reopen. What else can we do?

What Hamas is doing is not helping one bit. They are risking this opening. This our way or the highway crap has to stop. I hope they don’t piss off Egypt so much that they close it permanently again. Ugh.

I want my young friend to feel hopeful. I want to see that optimism that 18-year-olds should have. I want to hear those long-term plans again.