Daily Archives: 12 June 2011

Weiner’s Intervention

Anthony Weiner Says He Will Take Leave of Absence, Seek ‘Treatment’ as Scandal Grows

Treatment. Weinergate has now morphed into an episode of A&E’s Intervention. Three top Democrats, including Mama Nancy herself, read their letters. “I love you. If you do not get help, I’ll have to cut you out of my life. Will you take this gift and work on your healing starting today?” He agrees grudgingly. Then he gets whisked away to Sex Addiction Ranch in some BFE town. Most of the days will probably start with group. “Hi. My name is Anthony, and I’m addicted to sex.”

Politicians deal with scandal differently. He’s taking the long route and delaying the inevitable. Just resign. And I don’t think there is a 12-step group for being a dumbass.