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SpinnyLiberal’s machine requires HE detergent. Ecos from Costco is recommended and cheap.

Seriously, I’ve been reading blogs where there are strict comment policies. Of course, their blog, their rules.

My comment policy: THERE IS NONE

The one thing I do ask is that when commenting, please do not embed videos. They make the page load slowly. Please link to the video. Videos embedded into comments will be changed to links.

Being baptized by fire in Craig’s List Rants and Raves and the Comment Sections of Yahoo! News, I’ve probably read the nastiest comments in the universe. Many directed at me. This quote from the movie “Dear God” sums it up quite accurately, “I’ve been to boxing matches that are more civilized.”

I am a staunch believer in Freedom of Speech. As you may have seen already, I publish everything. Please remember that, and keep that in mind. The harmonious and the hostile. The “Brilliant” and the “Brainless.” The sympathetic and the saucy. The polite and the profane.

I do not edit your comments. You are the owner of your words. Clarity, grammar, and spelling is on you.

Of course, this applies to me as well. Any comment directed at me, however negative, will be published.

  • To the posters of “inappropriate” comments: You have the right to act like a 12-year-old child through your writing on this blog. You may get an adult smackdown, though.
  • To the recipients of “inappropriate” comments: Respond however you choose. I may defend you if I feel like it at that moment. More than likely, I’ll just sit back and read in fascinated horror.

“To reject the word is to reject the human search.” -Max Lerner, 1953, on book purging

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