Daily Archives: 16 June 2011

Two If By Tea™

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“The Liberals are Coming! The Liberals are Coming!”

I love it! Rush definitely knows how to squeeze every last dime out of his Conservative fans. Spinny’s partner said, “Gotta love that blind adulation.” Tea Party, Sweet Tea. Genius.

This is actually a great fit for him. It can get quite toasty in the Domnican Republic. What better way to refresh yourself after a night of hookers and Viagra? I don’t think the tea has “special” ingredients, though. The Hillbilly Heroin can give you cotton mouth which would defeat the purpose of a thirst-quenching drink.

Anyone who thinks that capitalism will cease to exist because of the mere presence of Liberals needn’t worry. Capitalism will always define the United States. Rush knows he has suckers willing to buy whatever he endorses or sells, so he has and will continue to make serious bank on his door stoppers books and iced tea. It’s the American Way, baby!