Anthony Weiner: Quit Being a D&*!

While you’re at it, just quit. You left Congress in disgrace. Do yourself a favor and end your campaign to be mayor.

This whole thing is truly pathetic. You’d think he’d learn from what happened the first time. I don’t care about his Tweeting proclivities – that’s between him and his wife. I wish he just owned it. If he didn’t lie about it, I’d be the first one saying he should stay. But no. He chose to lie about it, and we lost a fiery, up-and-coming Democrat in Congress. The “rising star” burned out fast. What a shame.

Fast forward a couple years to this NYC mayoral campaign. Sexting? Seriously? I swear to God he is a horny 16-year-old boy trapped in a 48-year-old man’s body. He’s got Nancy Pelosi, our pitbull in Versace, disowning him. Now, his communications director has been caught trashing an intern, using every profanity known to man.

His campaign is crashing and burning around him. If he decides to stay in the race, he should be thankful for the 5 votes he’ll get.

Message to Huma, his wife: Girl, I can understand the “stand by your man” act the first time. But again? I hope your reason to stay is not to help him with his campaign. Even St. Jude, patron saint of lost causes, can’t save it.

3 responses to “Anthony Weiner: Quit Being a D&*!

  • lbwoodgate

    Not that I would know personally but I think it’s safe to say that his ego is bigger than his dick. Can I say “dick” on your blog? 🙂

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    The guy has a serious problem. We’re witnessing it – yet people are actually considering him for office. It boggles my mind. He’s lost all credibility. But, wow, our nation is full of forgiving folks, aren’t they? There was life after Monica, so perhaps there’s life after every one of Carlos Danger’s sexting buddies. Lying is becoming a prerequisite for public office. It’s very discouraging.

  • Sedate Me

    As I understand it, everyone from New York is a dick, so why not elect a dick to represent them?

    What about Saint Rudy Of Giuliani? He was a 5 alarm asshole! If memory serves, he tried to turn NY into a police state. Under his watch, people were tortured by police, cameras went up, frisking became a sport and he even went after squeegee men. He fired anyone who didn’t kiss his feet and appointed several people to his administration who wound up going to jail. He also tried to bail on NYC in order to advance his career by running for Senate while still mayor.

    If memory serves, unlike Wiener, he actually cheated on his wife continuously. He actually announced he was going to divorce his wife to the press before he told her. At one point, he moved his mistress into the Mayor’s mansion until a court order his wife obtained forced her out at which point he followed. Since then, he’s suffered an attack of amnesia regarding his children with her.

    But he’s a fucking saint because planes flew into a couple buildings and, unlike Bush, he didn’t shit his pants and cry for his mommy. Meanwhile, all Wiener has really done is act pervy on the Internet (who hasn’t?). If he was honest about it and even just a little bit humble, everything would be fine.

    However, the reality is that this is all OUR fault. Our juvenile obsession with dick jokes and all things tawdry is the main reason this thing ever became “news” in the first place.

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