Daily Archives: 27 June 2011

More to Celebrate at New York Pride

Pride Parade Celebrates Passage of Gay Marriage

Friday night, the NY state legislature approved gay marriage, and Governor Cuomo signed it into law. It was a huge win for the LGBT community. It’s really cool that it coincided with NYC’s Pride Weekend. I’m sure some are still partying.

Pride Weekend is super fun. In my 20s, I would go to the Dyke March – the Saturday night before the parade. I preferred it. It was nice to have a celebration just for chicks, and Castro Street in SF turned into one big dance party. You dance the night away, but leave long before experiencing all the traffic and congestion of the parade. Good times.

Since I feel about 2489 years old, it’s been a long time since I’ve done Pride Weekend. I’ll live vicariously through those partying into the wee hours tonight in SF and NYC. There’s a lot to celebrate. I’m with you in spirit. Congratulations NY!!