Daily Archives: 17 June 2011

Timing is Everything, Mitt!

Mitt Romney Leads 2012 Field, but Many Republicans Pine for Someone Else

He’s usually pretty charming. At the New Hampshire debate, he made a great hockey championship reference – the Bruins being up over the Canucks. He flashed that dazzling smile and said he loves spicy wings. Mm hmm. Drowned in blue cheese dressing I’m sure.

So where did that guy go?

To awkward land, apparently. He meets with these unemployed Floridians in a Tampa coffee shop. They share their stories about how tough it’s been to find work.

He jokes that he’s unemployed too and that he’s networking because he has his eye on a certain job. Insert nervous laughter.

Of course, he’s taking a lot of heat for this. He’s “out of touch,” and “can’t relate.” Watch for this to resurface in future debates and campaign ads.

Message to Mitt: Dude, unemployment is hovering around 9%. You might not want to joke about it. Especially to people who just shared their struggles. You’re “unemployed” with $200M. They’re unemployed with tapped savings accounts and unemployment checks barely enough to meet their basic needs. Next time, maybe share a difficult problem you’ve dealt with. Better yet, listen and give a sympathetic look or a pat on the shoulder. Dismal economy, man. Not open mic night at The Improv.