A Fox is a Wolfe who Sends Tweets

Apologies to Ruth Weston for taking artistic license with her quote, “A fox is a wolf who sends flowers.” I couldn’t resist.

It’s looking like Dan Wolfe is the one who Tweeted Weiner’s weiner.

The Smoking Gun:
The Wolfe At Anthony Weiner’s Front Door

Dude seems a tad paranoid. Check out his e-mail.

CASE CLOSED! CONGRESSMAN WEINER WAS FRAMED! (An important update to “The Weiner affair: Close to solution (but I need your help!)”

I swear these scandals as of late would make great movies. They write themselves. The movie isn’t over yet. We’re getting there, though.

8 responses to “A Fox is a Wolfe who Sends Tweets

  • Don in Mass / Ind. Liberal

    Oh those naughty little boys with the R after their name, sending lewd, scum filled pictures of wholesome people with family values that have the D after name. 🙂

  • lbwoodgate

    Rewrite without the typos:

    Thanks for that update spinny. My MSN browser was showing headlines on this story as late as yesterday evening that still indicated Weiner had sent the lewd picture himself. I was sure he hadn’t and now you’ve provided what I kind of thought was there all the time. Would sure liked to have pinned this one directly on Breitbart but I feel his day is coming soon on another bogus scandal. The guy simply can’t help himself though he apparently hasn’t devolved to the pond scum this Wolfe guy appears to have.

    • Spinny Liberal

      Yeah, my Yahoo! News sometimes has a time delay.

      When I first read the story, I thought, “No way was he dumb enough to send a pic like that to someone.” Stranger things have happened, but I just didn’t feel like he did.

      It will be interesting to see how this develops. Of course, I don’t know for sure, but it isn’t looking too good for Wolfe.

  • Terrance H.

    I don’t think the case is closed, but seriously: who gives a damn? The news media is nothing but a bunch of whores, in my view. I don’t like Rep. Weiner, for obvious reasons. But who honestly gives a damn if he sent a photograph of his kack? Honestly…There are more important issues that need discussing.

    Last night, I was sort of mixed on the issue. I was just learning about it, to be honest. I had been so busy coaching baseball the past few days, I hadn’t had time to see or read the news. So, I talked about it for a bit last night having just learned of it. But the coverage this story got is simply sickening. This is what our country has come to, apparently. We don’t want to talk about high unemployment, an outrageous debt, a broken healthcare system, a failing education system, or the three Middle Eastern wars we’re involved in. Nope. Instead, we wanna talk about Britney’s twat, Charlie Sheen’s latest rant, and now Rep. Weiners pecker. Unbelievable!!

    • Spinny Liberal

      I don’t think the case is closed either. That was the name of the post, though.

      I know. Too much coverage on insignificant crap. We have bigger problems, yadda yadda. The story just cracked me up. And I wanted to write about Weiner’s weiner. Which looks rather ni…nevermind. 😛

      • Terrance H.

        I’m not talking about you talking about it. Bloggers aren’t exactly held to the same standard as the news media, nor should they be. They airwaves shouldn’t be monopolized with this kind of garbage.

        Those on the Right making a big deal over this should be ashamed of themselves. The picture wasn’t THAT big of a deal, and who honestly cares? So he’s a horny dude who likes college women. Who doesn’t!!!!!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

      • Spinny Liberal

        Of course the Right shouldn’t be making a big deal of it. Of course guys like college women. I still don’t believe he sent it to her. *shrug*

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