Can’t Catch a Break

I was thinking about President Obama this morning. I love the guy, even though there are things he’s done as POTUS that I don’t agree with. After pondering what’s been going on, especially the last few months, I feel bad for him. Dude can’t seem to catch a break. In reverse chronological order (more or less):

  • Japan
  • Earthquake, tsunami, nuclear power plant, devastation

  • Middle East
  • From Egypt to Yemen, the entire region has revolted. A country with an ally-dictator unseated and a country with an enemy-dictator who is hanging on to his until it’s taken from his cold, dead hands.

  • Labor
  • The working class is starting our own revolt

  • Gas Prices
  • See Middle East

  • Tuscon Shooting
  • Memorial and miraculous recovery (Thank God)

  • START Treaty
  • It just had to expire during his presidency

  • Bush Era Tax Cuts
  • They just had to expire during his presidency

  • Midterm Shellacking
  • Congressmen, Senators, and Governors whose sole purpose in office/life is to make sure he doesn’t win in 2012

  • Terrorism
  • Oregon teenager, Fort Hood psychiatrist, Yemeni toner cartridges, Detroit underwear

  • Iraq & Afghanistan
  • Insurgents and Insurgents

  • Gulf Oil Spill
  • BP, compensation, regulation, moratorium

  • Health Care
  • Repeal attempt, lawsuits

  • Haiti
  • Earthquake, homelessness, cholera, devastation

  • Economy
  • He inherited the US’ and the world’s tanked economies

It seems like a larger-than-normal presidential crapload has happened/is happening in his term. I would have been curled up in a ball, in a corner, inconsolably crying by now. No, actually, I would have probably killed myself long before. That’s why I could never be POTUS. And why I wonder why anyone would want to be POTUS.

I don’t see it getting better anytime soon. Good luck Mr. President.

21 responses to “Can’t Catch a Break

  • Don in Mass

    The world has been tossed upside down, and agree with you, that its not going to get better any time soon. Obama has too much on his plate, thanks to George W. Bush and company.

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    I love the man, too and pray that he holds up through the vast complexity of serious problems facing this country. I sure wish people on all sides would give it a rest and have some compassion. Armchair presidents are too numerous in this country. Most of the people criticizing him constantly probably can’t even make toast at the same time they’re frying up scrambled eggs.

  • lobotero

    The problem is he is handling most everything in a proper manner but the lunatics do not want to give a black man his props….so NO matter what he does it will be wrong….

  • politicalloudmouth

    I agree, and I’m soooo sick of all the whining from the liberal side as well as well as the right wing goons. We are lucky to have this guy in office at a moment when we have a large of set of problems that have been building up for thirty years. Go, Big O!

  • seattle99

    I shudder to think how McCain/Palin would have dealt with these.

  • Bodrie

    I wouldn’t worry, Obama never waists a good disaster he can use to advance his ultra liberal agenda. He looks for ways to make it about him.

    A Gun Enthusiast

    • SpinnyLiberal

      Actually, the guy who said that is now the mayor of Chicago. 😉
      And Obama is far from ultra liberal. If he were, the health care law would be single-payer, and the Bush tax cuts wouldn’t have been extended.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!! 🙂

      • Bodrie

        If Obama had it his way, ObamaCare would be single-payer. He just couldn’t get it passed. But he does want it. As for the tax cuts, here again it’s about him – he’s looking to 2012 and re-election. That’s why it’s only for two years.


      • SpinnyLiberal

        He compromised too much and a bit too fast, I believe, on both of them. And you’re probably right about the elections. Most politicians are thinking ahead to the next one.

        I still don’t believe he’s as liberal as people paint him to be. He still “struggles” with gay marriage. He would have been out of both of the wars completely if he were – no contingent forces left, etc.

  • lbwoodgate

    Before heading out from Austin after attending the rally there to protest balancing the state budget on teachers’ backs, I was flipping the channels on the TV. I paused briefly on the FOX network and heard the commentator ask sarcastically “And where was I our President this weekend while this disaster [in Japan] is going on”? as they showed a film clip of Obama playing some golf.

    These assholes were silent on Bush’s absence during the early going of Katrina, the worst natural disaster in our nation’s history and they are going to throw this trifle up about something going on in Japan?

    • SpinnyLiberal

      How was the Austin rally? I think I remember read TexasLiberal writing about it.

      I think it would surprise me if they didn’t make that comment. Bush took so many vacations himself. He did have that great photo from Air Force One. That whole administration screwed up with Katrina. Brownie’s complete ineptitude and don’t even get me started on Condi’s shoe shopping when it happened. All those people displaced is a tad more important than those Christian Louboutins, however cute those stilettos were.

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