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Daily Show: America at Not-War – Obama’s Communication Gap

Love it! Especially the histrionics at the end. 🙂

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Hamas, Zionists, and the Word “Never”

Bomb Rocks Jerusalem Bus Stop, Killing Woman

As I was pulling out of the garage this morning, I heard someone commenting on Hamas and Israel on my local news radio station. I knew something bad must have happened because they have experts weigh in on certain, recent stories. A bomb goes off in a bus stop in Jerusalem. Great. It’s not like anything else is going on in the world. I thought, “suicide bomber or planted bomb?” It’s disturbing that I’ve become so desensitized to violence that the way it’s carried out intrigues me. Planted bomb.

I’ve come to the conclusion, actually a while ago, that the violence will never end there. And the world has Hamas and Zionists to thank. Last week, my blog-friend Kendrick Macdowell wrote Slaughter in the West Bank, referring to the execution of an entire Israeli family (including 3-month-old baby). Two statements from Hamas illustrate the two very different faces they show the world. The cleaned up, “We would never hurt children” English version vs. the raw, “Yes, we killed 5 Zionist usurpers” Arabic version. There was no mention that one of those “usurpers” was a baby. No matter what face they show the world, Hamas can’t hide their evil.

The Zionist response to the slaughter was more settlements of course. What will be the response this time? I was in Dubai when the 10-month settlement moratorium ended. I was back in my hotel room for the evening and saw that it was going to end at midnight. When I woke up the next morning, I turned on the news, and there it was. They were breaking ground. I thought, “they sure didn’t waste any time.”

Until the Zionists stop the settlements and Hamas stops the rockets and attacks, there will never be peace there.

ETA Update: Israel Retaliates for Deadly Blast, Rocket Attacks