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Operation Odyssey Dawn

First Wave of Allied Assault: 112 Cruise Missiles

I wonder who makes up these names. This one is particularly pretty.

I’ve been thinking about our newest war. I was listening to my local talk radio show while I was in line at the drive-thru. Saturday night burger ritual. The host mentioned that Libya was no threat to our national security and that listening to Obama was like listening to Bush before he invaded Iraq. It’s sad, but true. They are no threat to us.

Why did Obama have to step up our involvement from enabling to tomahawking? The French and British could handle this. If they needed our expertise or back up, we would be there. What happened in that 24 hours that caused us to start firing cruise missles? Are we just not used to taking the backseat in war?

This is like Iraq the sequel, minus the invisible weapons. We’re not being humanitarian here. If we were, why are we not helping our allies, Yemen and Bahrain, too? Their governments are attacking their own people. Why aren’t cruise missles flying overhead? Libya has the one thing in large supply that Yemen and Bahrain don’t. O-I-L.

That’s what it all comes down to – the black gold. It’s not about the poor citizens and their revolution. It never was. Even though everyone knows this is not humanitarian, you could make it look like it is by helping out Yemen and Bahrain. They could really use our help.

Can’t Catch a Break

I was thinking about President Obama this morning. I love the guy, even though there are things he’s done as POTUS that I don’t agree with. After pondering what’s been going on, especially the last few months, I feel bad for him. Dude can’t seem to catch a break. In reverse chronological order (more or less):

  • Japan
  • Earthquake, tsunami, nuclear power plant, devastation

  • Middle East
  • From Egypt to Yemen, the entire region has revolted. A country with an ally-dictator unseated and a country with an enemy-dictator who is hanging on to his until it’s taken from his cold, dead hands.

  • Labor
  • The working class is starting our own revolt

  • Gas Prices
  • See Middle East

  • Tuscon Shooting
  • Memorial and miraculous recovery (Thank God)

  • START Treaty
  • It just had to expire during his presidency

  • Bush Era Tax Cuts
  • They just had to expire during his presidency

  • Midterm Shellacking
  • Congressmen, Senators, and Governors whose sole purpose in office/life is to make sure he doesn’t win in 2012

  • Terrorism
  • Oregon teenager, Fort Hood psychiatrist, Yemeni toner cartridges, Detroit underwear

  • Iraq & Afghanistan
  • Insurgents and Insurgents

  • Gulf Oil Spill
  • BP, compensation, regulation, moratorium

  • Health Care
  • Repeal attempt, lawsuits

  • Haiti
  • Earthquake, homelessness, cholera, devastation

  • Economy
  • He inherited the US’ and the world’s tanked economies

It seems like a larger-than-normal presidential crapload has happened/is happening in his term. I would have been curled up in a ball, in a corner, inconsolably crying by now. No, actually, I would have probably killed myself long before. That’s why I could never be POTUS. And why I wonder why anyone would want to be POTUS.

I don’t see it getting better anytime soon. Good luck Mr. President.

Democracy: All the Rage

Well, unless, it’s a “democracy” we help set up.

11 Killed as Iraqis Protest in ‘Day of Rage’

One of the protesters said, “We want a good life like human beings, not like animals.” You mean the life they have there is not even suitable for an animal? That is just so reassuring.

I’m so tired of these absolutely useless wars. Yeah, yeah. We’ve drawn down the troops. And the ones still there? The contingent forces? How long will they stay?

I shouldn’t have read this story because it reminds me again of our colossal mistake in invading Iraq. For WMDs that were never there in the first place. The gas we and other coutries gave them to kill the Kurds doesn’t count. And neither does the yellow cake. I have a box of Betty Crocker Butter cake mix at home. Since I haven’t mixed it, poured it into a Bundt pan and baked it, it’s not a cake. And it’s been there forever, who knows if it’s still good?

So here we are, years later, because we decided to chase after WMDs that didn’t exist. Sure Saddam and his sons, all evil incarnate, are dead. But at what cost? So many American soldiers and Iraqi citizens dead. Trillions of dollars flushed. And the lack of clean water and unreliable electricity? They do have blue ink-stained fingers and a corrupt government, though.

Mission Accomplished.