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DavidSoComedy: UCLA Girl Antivenom

This was an absolutely hilarious response to the UCLA Girl’s YouTube rant on Asians in the Library. The language is kinda salty which makes this video SWEET! Haha enjoy. 🙂

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Asians in the Library

UCLA girl now knows the difference between fame and infamy. Nice tsunami comment. Next time, rant to your friends not on YouTube. Especially since UCLA is over 30% Asian and Asian American.

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On Japan and R.E.M.

Special Report: Can Japan find “New Deal” after Triple Whammy?

I hope they can find something. The title is accurate. Triple whammy. And like most natural disasters, they never saw it coming. It’s really sad. The earthquake itself was devastating, but the tsunami that followed? I heard on the radio this morning, 1000 bodies have washed ashore. I really need to turn off the radio on my way to work. Gruesome and tragic. And the nuclear plant that may meltdown? How are they going to deal with that as well? I hope the sea water cools it down.

Those near the epicenter of the earthquake said it felt like the end of the world. Literally. Even though I’m one of those “I’m spiritual, not religious” people, I do believe we are in the End Times. It doesn’t depress me at all. I’ve been pretty fatalistic and negative for as long as I can remember. I’m not a glass half empty kind of person. I’m the empty with a crack kind.

I hope the Mayan prediction of 2012 comes true. My faith in humanity was lost long ago, and it continues to tank (even below zero). We’ve raped this planet (i.e., garbage gyres in the oceans, floating polar bears). We brutally torture and kill each other and not just during war time (i.e., Zaire/Congo, heinous crimes that are reported all the time). And then there are those who have no trouble torturing and killing animals, God’s innocent creatures.

I hope we are ushering in the apocalypse. It’s selfish to wish for it, but I don’t care. At all. It probably won’t happen anyway.

But I still want it to happen. 2012? Asteroid? Pole shift? Nuclear winter? Bring it on.

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

Republican Woman…Stay Away from Me

I found another Jasiri X video that matches nicely with another one of my posts, Dana Loesch…Who?

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His videos are great. This one was produced before the midterm elections. All I can say is THANK GOD Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle lost. And for the future of my state, I’m so glad the Megalomaniac lost too.

It’s not that I loathe Republican women. Aren’t there better female GOP players out there? After Condoleezza Rice, what happened? I mean come on. A mama grizzly who can’t even tell people what she reads? That is hardly a gotcha question. A former witch (no offense to pagans) who couldn’t debate her way out of a paper bag ? A candidate who believes that pregnant rape victims should carry to term because they can make “lemonade out of lemons?” A representative who thought she was being locked in a bathroom by lesbians when one of said lesbians was just leaning against the stall door?

That’s the pool? Sorry, but it sounds like the shallow end of the gene pool.

I’m sure there are more Conservative women who are more like Condoleezza than Sarah. Until the GOP finds them or vice versa, comedians and bloggers will never want for material.