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Can’t Catch a Break

I was thinking about President Obama this morning. I love the guy, even though there are things he’s done as POTUS that I don’t agree with. After pondering what’s been going on, especially the last few months, I feel bad for him. Dude can’t seem to catch a break. In reverse chronological order (more or less):

  • Japan
  • Earthquake, tsunami, nuclear power plant, devastation

  • Middle East
  • From Egypt to Yemen, the entire region has revolted. A country with an ally-dictator unseated and a country with an enemy-dictator who is hanging on to his until it’s taken from his cold, dead hands.

  • Labor
  • The working class is starting our own revolt

  • Gas Prices
  • See Middle East

  • Tuscon Shooting
  • Memorial and miraculous recovery (Thank God)

  • START Treaty
  • It just had to expire during his presidency

  • Bush Era Tax Cuts
  • They just had to expire during his presidency

  • Midterm Shellacking
  • Congressmen, Senators, and Governors whose sole purpose in office/life is to make sure he doesn’t win in 2012

  • Terrorism
  • Oregon teenager, Fort Hood psychiatrist, Yemeni toner cartridges, Detroit underwear

  • Iraq & Afghanistan
  • Insurgents and Insurgents

  • Gulf Oil Spill
  • BP, compensation, regulation, moratorium

  • Health Care
  • Repeal attempt, lawsuits

  • Haiti
  • Earthquake, homelessness, cholera, devastation

  • Economy
  • He inherited the US’ and the world’s tanked economies

It seems like a larger-than-normal presidential crapload has happened/is happening in his term. I would have been curled up in a ball, in a corner, inconsolably crying by now. No, actually, I would have probably killed myself long before. That’s why I could never be POTUS. And why I wonder why anyone would want to be POTUS.

I don’t see it getting better anytime soon. Good luck Mr. President.

Wanting to Tap That

White House Considers Tapping Oil Reserves

The revolution in the Middle East and the crisis in Libya is pushing prices of oil past $105 a barrel. The rise in prices is hurting our economic recovery. Is it time to access our emergency reserves?

One of the things I’ve supported in the past is energy independence. Since our addiction to oil rivals that of junkies, why not make it as a cheap as possible. Plus, our interests in the Middle East could be curtailed if we have our own resources.

After the gulf spill, I’m hesitant. Something like that should never happen again. Safety regulations were tossed aside like litter on the highway. And that sickens me.

I don’t know. Considering the prices of gas I’ve seen around the world, we have it pretty good. If I don’t have to see pictures like the one above again, I’ll pay $10/gallon. Hell, I’d even consider biking the 13 miles to work. We’re stewards of this earth. We need to be better at it.