Daily Archives: 26 March 2011

Welcome Back, Karel!

My Saturday night burger ritual included a nice surprise. Karel, a loud, over-the-top radio host, has been rehired by KGO. He and his late partner were the first openly gay talk show hosts on KFI in Los Angeles, the #1 talk station in the country.

Anyway, he was on KGO until 2.5 years ago. A rant filled with obscenities about Joe the Plumber during a break was aired. The sound engineer forgot to turn off the mic. Yikes. It was picked up on the live feed on the KGO website, and within 30 minutes, it was all over Conservative blogs. Bill O’Reilly got a hold of it within 45 minutes. Talk about viral! He was canned. As of tonight he’s back! Two people on the KGO team have been pleading his case, and fans from all over wrote and bugged management to rehire him. It took a while, but it worked.

I always wondered what happened to him. I didn’t hear about the controversy. The time slot has been a revolving door since he left. It’s great that he’s back – liberal, a tad crazy, and a total flaming queen. Makes for great radio!

A False Flag and Now, a Former Prosecutor

Indiana Prosecutor Resigns over Walker E-mail

Wow. Yet another hard lesson that the internet is not anonymous.

Carlos Lam sent an e-mail from his private Hotmail account suggesting faking an attack on Walker to make the protesters look bad. He denied it initially, in the That is extreme, I would never say that! kind of way. He said someone hacked into his account. The detective asked for his internet service provider so they could check. He refused to give her the name. Um, he sure likes flags because this other one was red.

He came clean of course when he realized there was no getting around this one. Dang. I wonder if he knew he was screwed when the open-records settlement granted AP’s request for access to Walker’s e-mails.

If you have a really great career as a deputy prosecutor, you might want to be a little more careful. Especially in the age of computer forensics.