Over? Try Just Begun

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Based on the 85K – 100K people who descended on to Madison, the fight has just begun. It’s not just about the unions anymore. The GOP’s held their illegal/tricky vote on Thursday. Scotty signed the half-a-bill into law on Friday. The people showed their anger on Saturday. This isn’t about unions anymore. Farmers circled in tractors showed their support. People who never protested before did so because of their disgust with the GOP and the Walker.

Wisconsin Labor Protesters Say Next Fight at the Polls

4 responses to “Over? Try Just Begun

  • Kini

    Illegal/Tricky vote? Try Oamacare.

    Try Taxpayer revolution. The people voted, the Governor acted, the constituents supported, and TAXPAYER’S justice was delivered. No longer will the Wisconsin taxpayers be held hostage to the Unions, and their overpaid bosses. This is about the union greed. Why else would the electorate vote for change?

    Property taxes that keep going up, failing schools, business leaving the state, and no compromise by the unions? Well, live with it. Just look at Michigan, Detroit, and what a success that turned out to be. People Forget.

    Change is hard, but change can be fair. If the unions want to be fair. The union leadership has been unfair. If Wisconsin wants to end up like its neighbor Michigan, and you agree with that, then so be it, welcome to your future.

    • lobotero

      But are not the union workers taxpayers too? And if they make as much as people lie about then they were paying more than a non-union person…..my state does not have a real union presence and we have crappy schools, high property taxes….I think the electorate, and with ever election cycle, voted for lies if I recall the GOP big mantra was Jobs, Jobs, Jobs….and nothing done so far has created a single job……

      But the correct statement is…welcome to your future……a low paid worker at the mercy of corporations……basically a slave, a paid slave but a slave no less….

      • SpinnyLiberal

        People forget they are tax payers too, lobotero. Sad, but true. And people forget that as a state, Wisconsin has the 3rd highest ACT scores in the country. They’re doing something right.

    • SpinnyLiberal

      When Scott Walker is recalled, change will be hard for him.

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