Daily Archives: 7 February 2011

AOLeft Leaning

Miss Ariana sold The Huffington Post to AOL? This was just weird to me, until I learned that AOL has been a pretty big go-to site for news for the past couple of years. Hmm. Who knew? Here in the Silicon Valley, AOL has been dead since the 90s. It was known as the internet for kindergarteners. AO-Hell is my favorite, albeit not too clever, term of endearment.

This deal will make Miss Ariana richer than she already is. The real winner here is AOL. The Huffington Post is too “mainstream” for the far Left. It is an excellent site for left-leaning centrists and of course, liberals. It has a huge audience. That will definitely bring in the revenue dollars.

I don’t know if AOL is already a left-leaning news outlet. If it’s not, it just became one. Good thing, though. If you find you have a base audience, run with it. FOX – Right. MSNBC – Left. Try to be in the middle like CNN? You’ll end up like CNN.

Why didn’t my beloved Yahoo! court Miss Ariana? Oh yeah because of CEO Carol Bartz. She is smart as a whip when it comes to all things tech. Yet, Tim Armstrong, CEO of AOL, has a strong sales and marketing background. In a advertising revenue driven company, one clearly has the advantage.

I congratulate the marriage of The Huffington Post and AOL. Maybe Yahoo! can step in as a homewrecker in one way or another to get some love money. Hey! Dreams are free.