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Farrakhan, Put Down the Bean Pie

Farrakhan: Gadhafi No Monster, has Helped Muslims

Whatever is in it is making you high. I guess you have to defend your sugar daddy donor. $8M is huge, I know, but seriously? He has slaughtered innocent civilians, man.

You really need to read the Good Book again.

“Nor take life — which Allah has made sacred — except for just cause. And if anyone is slain wrongfully, we have given his heir authority (to demand retaliation or to forgive): but let him not exceed bounds in the matter of taking life, for he is helped (by the Law).” Quran 17:33

He is a monster, and he will pay.

Governor Brown Gives Up on State GOP

California Budget: Jerry Brown Ends Talks on Bipartisan Budget Deal

Well, thanks a whole hell of a lot, GOP. We needed just four of you. Four. And this was just to get the budget on the ballot for a special election in June. You all didn’t even want us to vote on it. For all you know, it might not have passed. We’ll never know.

The State Democrats conceded to $12B in cuts. $12B. Getting Democrats to cut that much was huge, especially when we have the majority. Doesn’t the GOP realize what a miracle that was?

The GOP doesn’t want the rest of the budget deficit ($12B) to be closed by tax extensions. Extensions. These weren’t even new taxes! The GOP refused to meet halfway. Absolutely ridiculous.

Jerry Brown’s next move is to get signatures going for a new tax initiative. Why is it new? Because those taxes that he wanted to extend expire in July. So, for a November election, he’d have to sell the public on new ones.

You just wouldn’t compromise, huh GOP? Thanks for nothing.

Cue IOUs. Again.

Biden: A Bucket of Sunshine from Scranton

Biden Reports ‘Good Progress’ in Budget Talks

No matter what anyone says, I love Joey Biden. He just cracks me up. He wears his heart on his sleeve. Conservatives love him because he is a gaffe goldmine. There’s always one in the family.

He is so positive and sunshiney with this budget showdown. Of course we can find some common ground! Of course we can find a way to keep the government going! Of course! The pom poms look great with your suit, Joey.

From a generally sunny Northern California, I hate to bring the dark clouds. But this is what Representative Mike Pence from Indiana said:

“You never get a second chance at making a first impression. Our first impression with the American people needs to be that we kept our word and we found the budget savings that we promised to find. I’m still cautiously optimistic that we’re going to do just that.”

So for him, and I’m sure many freshman Tea Party representatives, this is what it’s about. Appearances. They want to show their constituents that they are fulfilling their campaign promises. Even if it means screaming and jumping up and down like 3-year-old children who want their way. Thing is, the public sees both. If they keep insisting and refusing to budge, they will look more like the 3-year-olds than the politicians trying to keep their promises.

Don’t toss the pom poms just yet, Joey. There is a sunbeam in there. At least one of them gets it, like Representative Steve Womack of Arkansas:

“Compromise on the subject of spending is a tough sell. It doesn’t mean it’s an impossible sell. There is a serious mandate to cut spending. Now having said that, I also live in a realistic world and I understand the dynamics involved in having one leg of a three-legged stool under our control.”

So keep pumping the sunshine. Maybe the positive energy will turn this around. By next Friday. Midnight.

The Daily Show: America at Not-War – Obama’s Pragmatic Foreign Policy Decisions

No “soaring freedom rhetoric.” Maybe that’s what is causing my confusion with this not-war. Haha. Enjoy! 🙂

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To Donald Trump: “Not Official? You’re Fired!”

Trump Produced Birth Certificate that Wasn’t Official

Trump claimed that he could produce an official birth certificate just like that, implying that Obama could do the same if he wasn’t hiding anything. He did, but it turns out that birth certificate was about as real as a Canal Street Birkin.

Hahahaha, oops!

Message to Donald: If you’re going to throw your hat in the ring for the GOP nomination, find a different platform. Taxes seem like it would be a natural fit, but be specific. Maybe Estate Taxes. Just dump the Birther angle. He was born in Hawaii, the land of hula girls and pineapples. Please accept it, and move on. If you don’t, you may have to endure the limo ride of shame, just like Dionne last week.

GOP Conservatism: Authoritarian or Libertarian

Mad love to woodgatesview for pointing me to this great Rachel Maddow segment.

I love how she explains the difference and finally gave them a “name.” It seems like the GOP and Conservatives campaign as Libertarian, when they really are Authoritarian. Libertarians, like any party, come in different flavors. However, their basic tenet is limited government. The ones I’ve run into online and in real life are so different from these Authoritarian Conservatives. If I were Libertarian, I’d be kinda pissed if the name was used by these Conservatives. In this clip, you will see a perfect example of why. There is no way a Libertarian would suppport the government reading private e-mails.

Anyway, enjoy! 🙂

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Qathafi Must Go…but Where?

Top Diplomats Agree that Libya’s Gadhafi Must Go

They haven’t decided where. I have three locations in mind, in descending popularity.

1. Hell
Qathafi should die. He actually should have died under Reagan’s watch, but I will take a better late than never on this one. On live TV on February 22, 2011, he stated that he will never leave Libya and die a martyr. Please make it happen. Somebody. Anybody.

2. The Hague
If we can’t send him to the afterlife, international court is the next best. Hopefully, execution for the slaughtering of civilians will be his sentence.

3. Exile
If there is a country willing to take psycho and sons, they can have them.

I really want number one to happen. Number one can happen through number two, but it is a lot longer process.

I still am unsure of the role the United States will play. Since the transfer is supposed to happen today, maybe I will know tomorrow. Like Qathafi, this confusion and lack of clarity I have with Operation Odyssey Dawn needs to die.

The Daily Show: Gov Hurts

“You are sooo not who I thought you were.” Hahaha. Enjoy! 🙂

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Totally Twisted Quote Tuesday 3/29/11

Libya, Oh Libya, Wish I Could Get Rid of Ya

A little twist on K7’s song “Move It Like This” after listening to President Obama’s speech this afternoon.

The speech was great. It would have been a lot more comforting 9 days ago. But better late than never, I guess.

This whole Libya situation is one big confusing nightmare. He started out by saying that we would support the UK and France. Less than 24 hours later, we took over. After a hundred or so Tomahawk missles and some B-2 bombers, we’re transferring control to NATO. On Wednesday. Should I be happy now or expect the worst so I won’t be disappointed again?

When NATO takes over, Obama said, “the United States will play a supporting role – including intelligence, logistical support, search and rescue assistance, and capabilities to jam regime communications.” Along with other countries, we will also help provide food for the people and medical care for the wounded. We have also frozen his assets so the money he stole from his people can be used to rebuild Libya.

That really does sound like a supportive role, but I am still extremely hesitant to break out the Moët. Will we hear another speech a few months down the road that we need to take control again? Or worse, since the transfer will be on Wednesday, will we hear, “just kidding” on Thursday? Not that inconceivable considering that’s exactly what happened at the beginning – Pre-Operation Odyssey Dawn.

I hope Qathafi and sons meet their way past due deaths soon, which I believe will end the conflict more quickly. Then, we can help Libya rebuild. Rebuilding what we blew up. Again. Ugh.