The Enigmatic “Undecideds” of the Election

Lobotero at Opus Civis cracked me up with his post on the final debate: The Poka in Boca – Prez Debate #3. His last paragraph made me think – after I stopped laughing:

Once again, it was the optics that made your decision on who won……..and of course they, meaning the media, has assembled “undecideds”…..and once again it was all theater….if there are any “undecideds” at this point then them are just looking for some attention….but if they are truly “undecided” then just make sure that they have a coin in their pocket on election……. and for God sake….Do NOT ask them if they prefer paper or plastic!

I don’t think there are “undecideds” left. I think those who intend to vote already have their choice. Or write-in. 😉 @ the Ron Paul followers or those so disgusted with and/or cynical about politics that they’ll write-in “Snoopy.”

The media mentions these “undecideds,” though. I don’t know any. The ones I know – family, friends, coworkers – have already made up their minds. Mama already voted for Romney, via absentee ballot. I’m sure Papa will vote for Romney as well -probably on Election Day. My sister, a Moderate, will vote for Obama. Those on Facebook…some fiercely support Obama. Some support Romney with equal ferocity. The rest?

The rest I know online and in real life don’t give a flying Fig Newton about politics. Hell, I don’t know if they’ll even vote. If they do, I’m sure they know who they want by now. They just don’t care enough about politics to discuss it.

Thoughts? Do you know any “undecideds?”

6 responses to “The Enigmatic “Undecideds” of the Election

  • lbwoodgate

    What I find sad are some young people like a friend of mine who thinks both candidates suck but he’s going to vote for Romney because he thinks Obama hasn’t done enough and Romney deserves a chance. Jesus, I’d like to shake him and say, “This isn’t a game of horseshoes.” This naivete of some people, I think, is more harmful than people who don’t vote at all.

  • aFrankAngle

    I’m one who normally delays a decision as long as possible … sometimes even up until holding the ballot … or at least keeping my pre-vote preference close to the vest. Then again, I’m not an undecided and don’t know any. Then again, in my area, many vote for the party representative regardless of their record or position.

    Nonetheless, great start with Lobotero’s paragraph.

    • Spinny Liberal

      That’s really interesting, Frank. Have you gone to the poll and switched last minute? I find this fascinating.

      • aFrankAngle

        I’m not sure if I’ve ever switched at the last minute, but deciding at the last minute means now-or-never decision time. Yesterday, I was talking to a friend who said he didn’t care for either candidate this year, and will decide at the polling booth.

  • Sedate Me

    With some exceptions, to be Undecided in modern America is to be:

    1) somebody who pays virtually no attention to anything socially important except for 1 month every 4 years.

    2) incapable of deciding what is good for them and/or society.

    3) want to prove they are more responsible/better than the 50% who don’t even vote at all.

    Most of these people are easily swayed imbeciles, the kind who run out to the big box stores every weekend to empty their bank accounts and fill their vehicle full of whatever shit they were marketed that week.

    Winning their vote boils down to the best advertising campaigns and the ever dependable Alpha-male posturing. If it takes more than 10 minutes of sustained thinking, or self-sacrifice, you’ll probably lose them.

    And these people are the very people that determine America’s direction.

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