Mitt Romney and My Crack-Like Addiction to Politics

I’m trying to unspin my head tonight. I don’t know what it is about politics. I was waiting for my partner at the dentist office. I told myself, “no more politics” as I perused his magazines. Most were Time magazines, and I focused on finding the rag that would keep my mind off of the election. Us Weekly with “Housewives tell Us Teresa’s Dirty Secrets” splashed on the cover. Perfect. The Real Housewives of New Jersey is my guiltless pleasure. I read the article happily, which of course didn’t take long. I looked for other Us issues after I was done flipping through the pages filled with fashion and celebrities. It was welcome fun and fluff.

And then there it was. Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital on the cover of Rolling Stones magazine. Like a true junkie, I just had to pick it up and read it. I wasn’t able to finish it because my partner was done, so what do I do when I get home? Before eating dinner, I find the article online and read the rest of it. Where is the nearest Politics Anonymous meeting?

The author, Matt Taibbi, talks about what Bain Capital was all about – taking over companies were struggling. What “happened” to the companies wasn’t their concern. They could go bankrupt, and Bain Capital would still get paid. All that was a given and not surprising.

What shocked me, though, was how good a guy Mitt’s dad was. The article touched on it briefly, saying how George Romney was one who “nurtured communities.” I did a little research on George Romney on Wikipedia. He was nothing like his son.

  • “Romney successfully appealed to the Federal Housing Administration to make housing available to black workers near the Ford Willow Run plant.”
  • “By 1950, Romney was a member of the Citizens Housing and Planning Council, and criticized racial segregation in Detroit’s housing program when speaking before the Detroit City Council.”
  • “However, whenever he felt his salary and bonus was excessively high for a year, he gave the excess back to the company.” I nearly choked reading this one.
  • “After initial wariness, he developed a good relationship with United Automobile Workers leader Walter Reuther, and AMC workers also benefited from a then-novel profit-sharing plan”.
  • “Romney was one of only a few Michigan corporate chiefs to support passage and implementation of the state Fair Employment Practices Act”.

After snapping out of my crush on George Romney, my first question was, “What the hell happened to Mitt?” My sister and I talked about this before. Mitt suffers from “spoiled rich kid” disease. Everything was handed to him, unlike his dad who struggled. That makes sense. It’s hard for Mitt to sympathize, and empathy isn’t even possible because doesn’t know what it’s like. That’s why he says things like, “Borrow money if you have to from your parents” when he talks to college students. I don’t think the idea that their parents don’t have the money to lend crossed his mind.

Of course, the article also gives me more insight into Mitt, the man.

“Over the years, colleagues would anonymously whisper stories about Mitt the Boss to the press, describing him as cunning, manipulative and a little bit nuts, with “an ability to identify people’s insecurities and exploit them for his own benefit.” One former Bain employee said that Romney would screw around with bonuses in small amounts, just to mess with people: He would give $3 million to one, $3.1 million to another and $2.9 million to a third, just to keep those below him on edge.”

Another great quality to have in a president. Screwing people…and screwing with people’s heads…just because he can.

This is just great It’s two weeks from the election, but it’s going to feel like the longest two weeks ever. I’ll be on pins and needles, just like in 2008.

Frankly, I’m tired. I’m tired of lying jerks (yeah I said it) like Mitt Romney taking up space in my head. I’m tired of being scared that a high school bully (who never grew out of it) might become the President of the United States. I’m tired of learning new, repugnant things about him that make me loathe him more. I’m just tired.

In two weeks, I can exhale. Until then, I’ll be mentally marking the days off the calendar and unspinning my head here. It’s going to get messy.

28 responses to “Mitt Romney and My Crack-Like Addiction to Politics

  • Ric Gerace

    I’ve been thinking lately that if I believed in the supernatural I would expect Mitt’s old man to rise up from the grave and drag Mitt back down with him, or at the very least kick his ass from Detroit to whatever hell the Mormons believe in.

    As for exhaling in two weeks, only if Obama wins. If the Mitten wins you’d best take a deep breath because it’s going to be a long slog after that, and given the Mitten’s ignorance, the slog will take us to Minsk, again.

    • Spinny Liberal

      Ha. Here’s to George’s ressurection.

      You’re right. I’ll exhale (with relief) when Obama wins. Hey, I’m keeping hope alive. And don’t even talk hypothetically about Minsk. Didn’t you get the letter from my shrink about trigger words like the M word? Not Mitt. 😉

  • lbwoodgate

    What’s even more sad is that millions of people see such character traits of being cunning, manipulative and unsympathetic as one’s true nature in their laissez-faire view of the world. To them, this is norm.

  • aFrankAngle

    Well, if head is spinning now, be thankful you are not in the swing state of swing states!

  • Hansi

    I’ll be glad when it’s over too. 🙂 Sad if Romney wins. 😦

  • Laura

    Excellent post today. I feel very much the same way. I am for the first time in my life almost physically afraid of the election of a GOP candidate – in a way that I perhaps should have been during the two elections of George W. Bush, but wasn’t. The policy and sentiment coming from the GOP and it’s drastic swing to the right – almost off the charts, is incredibly disturbing. The inability of my Republican friends to grasp the true danger of
    these policies, is even more frightening.

    • Spinny Liberal

      That’s interesting. After thinking about what you wrote, I, too wasn’t afraid during the George W. Bush elections. I was pissed about the whole Florida “chad” situation in 2000. In 2004, I was more embarrassed that people decided to vote for him again. Especially after the living nightmare that was/is still Iraq. Now, I’m just really afraid. Is it because he’s a bully? Because he will say anything to get elected? Or because he stands for nothing? I guess it’s all of the above. 😦

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • Raunak

    hmmm…if I may ask…who would you pick between Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin…if those were the only two choices you had?

    • Spinny Liberal

      That’s what I love (and hate) about you and your blog. You make me think. And ask hard questions. 🙂

      I’m assuming in your scenario, I can’t write in Ron Paul. Gun to my head? Just shoot me. Seriously. I can’t even think about voting for either. Gun to a family member’s head? God help me, but I have to go with Mitt. OMG I want to kill myself now for typing that. Here’s the reason. I think that because he stands for nothing, popular opinion can sway him. Example. First term. He doesn’t give a crap about his party at this point, and of course he wants a second term and will be the presumptive nominee anyway. The topic of abortion comes up during this first term. Most people want to keep abortion safe and legal. If legislation came his way, I think he’d go with popular opinion.

      Sarah, on the other hand, is stalwart in her views. That, I respect, but it would be the reason why I couldn’t vote for her. She would be committed to making abortion illegal. I think it would be her number one mission. I couldn’t vote for that. And foreign policy? Good God the thought of her on the world stage gives me the heebie jeebies. Not only is she ignorant, she’s arrogantly so. I don’t want that in the Oval Office.

      I’m going to shower now. I feel dirty and sick from answering that question. Thanks Raunak! 🙂

      • Raunak

        thanks for being such a sport and answering that 🙂

        you know what, if Romney is going to sway with public opinion on social issues then he isn’t a bad choice after all. He has the economic issues addressed with his right wing policies. The only things that bother a lot of people are the republican stance on social issues. Knowing that Romney will go with public opinion which is more leftist on social issues, he is the perfect choice for President 🙂

        gun to my head? 😉

      • Spinny Liberal

        Now you’re just messin’ with my already spinny head. 😛

      • Raunak

        I was thinking of it this way.
        Scenario in 2012: Mitt Romney Loses.
        Repercussions in 2016: Republicans decide they have had enough of this moderate stand and nominate Sarah Palin as the Presidential Candidate. The Democrats will be unable to find a charismatic replacement to Obama. The Economy will still be jittery. The new democratic candidate is unable to defend Obama’s policies. Sarah Palin wins and becomes the President of the USA.

        So, if you do not wish to see Sarah Palin become president in 2016, vote for Romney in 2012.

      • Spinny Liberal

        What a horrifying scenario. Thank God I don’t believe your prognostication. 🙂 I still have faith in the American people on this one. Most do not want Sarah Palin in the White House. I think that if the White House were to go Republican in 2016, the candidate would be a moderate Republican.

      • Sedate Me

        Romney is a weather-vane. Apart from cutting his own taxes, almost everything else is up for grabs. It’s a total crap-shoot. And that’s the dangerous part of his winning. You really have no idea what he’s really going to do. Voting for him is essentially writing a blank cheque, but here’s my best prediction.

        A President Romney … (Sorry, almost choked on my own vomit.) … will respond to wherever the greatest pressure comes from. As we all know, the American system is totally broken and The People only come into play when they become a Springfield-esque angry mob, usually whipped up by moneyed interests out to achieve their objectives.

        Since almost all most public outcry these days is ignored or staged, Romney would almost exclusively do the bidding of the rich & powerful. On social issues, public opinion might matter a little bit more, but only if represents a MASSIVE majority. And in modern America, there is damn little that a such a majority agrees on.

        In short, look for him to keep his Republican base happy whenever there isn’t a clear, outspoken, majority opinion and ONLY when that opinion doesn’t conflict with the Powers That Be.

    • Spinny Liberal

      P.S. I believe Romney is also ignorant and arrogant. Unlike Sarah, though, I think he’d make an effort to learn more.

      Jesus, even writing hypothetical positive things about this jerk makes me ill.

  • Ric Gerace

    Spinny, I think that any suggestion that Mittens will bow to popular opinion once in office is whistling past the graveyard. Mittens is interested in one thing: power. Money is simply something to keep score on power accumulation. He’s shown that he will say and do anything to win the primaries and the nomination.

    He will and is doing the same to win the White House, including corrupting the political process by accepting hundreds of millions of dollars from individuals – 400 million from the Kochs, 100 million from Adelson, and millions from others we haven’t heard of yet.

    I think he’s made clear he doesn’t care about the people of the United States, other than the ones in his social circle of the elite and the wealthy. His attempts to walk back his 47 percent remarks were pathetic, and indicative of his character.

    He has an ideological agenda, uninformed by knowledge, untouched by understanding, utterly failing in compassion, and he has been clear that he intends to implement it, and it is a hard right-wing agenda. He’s surrounded himself with the people responsible for the Bush years, and they will ‘Yes’ him everyday while pushing his buttons to get what they want, and these people are very good at doing those things.

    And he comes from that Conservative ‘Father Knows Best’ mindset, which will brook no disobedience from the populace. Add that he is a Bishop in the Mormon hierarchical cult, which is notably divorced from the real way in which the vast majority of people live their lives. He will push his ideas onto the country, like it or not. It’s what he does, what he has always done. Bain Capital is simply another manifestation of that mindset. The people don’t matter – Mitten’s greed and Mitten’s ego are all that matter.

    Yes, he is arrogant and he is ignorant, but rather than learn and understand, he dismisses knowledge and gets angry when confronted with his ignorance. He is heavily invested in being right – it’s a failing of mine, too, but I’m not seeking the White House and all its power – and will not brook naysaying.

    A million people protesting in the streets around the White House will only lead to Mittens calling out the Army to protect him, and he will order them to shoot because he doesn’t care what they say or think.

    Frankly, Minsk is looking good, no matter what your therapist says.

    • Spinny Liberal

      Maybe it’s the chameleon/liar thing that makes me think that. When he was governor of MA, he was against assault rifles and wanted to shut that coal mine down. I think he did that knowing that MA is a Liberal state. I think that’s the reason why I think he can be swayed.

      I refuse to defend this liar any further even in hypothetical situations. It’s making my blood pressure rise.

  • Sedate Me

    George Romney represents The Greatest Generation. Mitt Romney represents The Worst Generation.

  • GaryT

    I know the feeling of spinning. I promise myself that I won’t look at the news or any blogs until after the election, but then like a moth to the flame, there I am, hypnotized by the story as it unfolds. It’s a love/hate thing.

    I have been bothered by something about Mitt for months. What is it, exactly, that I am reacting to, that I am so viscerally uncomfortable with?

    Then it hit me. It’s his eyes.

    His eyes betray a casual indifference. An indifference toward me, you, others; toward the truth, toward anything that gets in his way.

    And then I remembered where I saw this before. I read a review of the documentary “Grizzly Man,” showing Timothy Treadwell and his infatuation with Grizzly Bears. But that was not to last. Treadwell and his girlfriend were killed and eaten by the bears that Treadwell so loved.

    But filmmaker Werner Herzog was far less infatuated with Grizzly Bears. He said, “I discover no kinship, no understanding, no mercy. I see only the overwhelming indifference of nature.”

    This applies perfectly to Romney. His Social Darwinism view of the world is one of casual indifference to anyone who isn’t as successful as he is. The only real use for folks who aren’t in the top 1% is to kill and eat them (in the economic sense, I guess I should add). But that’s it.

    Romney’s values of casual indifference drive a spike through our founding values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. His stark worldview, what he used at Bain Capital and what he spoke so freely and clearly about in his 47% speech, will finally put the vast middle class under the absolute control of the harshest of the 1%. Public education, adequate police and fire protection, safe roads and bridges, national and local parks, basic healthcare, public transportation, help for everyone working feverously to lift themselves out of poverty: all this and more will be killed and eaten by the indifferent Grizzly Bears.

    But don’t just take my word for it.

    Look for yourself; then run as fast as you can to vote for Obama.

    • Spinny Liberal

      Ah the eyes. Windows to the soul – to use a hackneyed phrase. When I first saw and heard him, there was something about him I knew I didn’t like or couldn’t trust. And it’s NOT just because I’m Liberal. I think I have this sixth sense honed when I first encounter someone (be it IRL or a picture). I always trust this, and I haven’t been let down by it. It was confirmed when I learned more about him – like the examples in this post. And how in prep school he pinned a boy down and cut his hair just because he was different. And the 47% speech you mentioned. He is NOT a good person. No one can change my belief. Not even Mitt himself. I saw right through him from the beginning.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  • Sedate Me

    Romney’s values of casual indifference drive a spike through our founding values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. His stark worldview, what he used at Bain Capital and what he spoke so freely and clearly about in his 47% speech, will finally put the vast middle class under the absolute control of the harshest of the 1%. Public education, adequate police and fire protection, safe roads and bridges, national and local parks, basic healthcare, public transportation, help for everyone working feverously to lift themselves out of poverty: all this and more will be killed and eaten by the indifferent Grizzly Bears.

    Once upon a time, a comment like that could be considered as much hyperbole and exaggeration as it was reality. Unfortunately, you can’t claim that anymore. The Plutocrats are truly willing to throw their fellow citizens and the entire nation to the wolves (aka themselves) without even flinching.

    All you have to do is compare George Romney to his very own son, Mitt, and you will see a perfect “Then & Now” comparison.

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