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The Enigmatic “Undecideds” of the Election

Lobotero at Opus Civis cracked me up with his post on the final debate: The Poka in Boca – Prez Debate #3. His last paragraph made me think – after I stopped laughing:

Once again, it was the optics that made your decision on who won……..and of course they, meaning the media, has assembled “undecideds”…..and once again it was all theater….if there are any “undecideds” at this point then them are just looking for some attention….but if they are truly “undecided” then just make sure that they have a coin in their pocket on election……. and for God sake….Do NOT ask them if they prefer paper or plastic!

I don’t think there are “undecideds” left. I think those who intend to vote already have their choice. Or write-in. 😉 @ the Ron Paul followers or those so disgusted with and/or cynical about politics that they’ll write-in “Snoopy.”

The media mentions these “undecideds,” though. I don’t know any. The ones I know – family, friends, coworkers – have already made up their minds. Mama already voted for Romney, via absentee ballot. I’m sure Papa will vote for Romney as well -probably on Election Day. My sister, a Moderate, will vote for Obama. Those on Facebook…some fiercely support Obama. Some support Romney with equal ferocity. The rest?

The rest I know online and in real life don’t give a flying Fig Newton about politics. Hell, I don’t know if they’ll even vote. If they do, I’m sure they know who they want by now. They just don’t care enough about politics to discuss it.

Thoughts? Do you know any “undecideds?”

Paul Ryan Asks Ron Paul Supporters not to Vote for Ron Paul

If Ryan thinks he can reach out to Ron Paul supporters and get them to vote for Romney/Ryan vs. writing in Ron Paul’s name, I have this really beautiful, orange bridge in San Francisco I’d like to sell him.

I’m going into the confessional with the open mic for a few minutes. I like Ron Paul. There. I said it. It’s his foreign policy. God help me, but it makes me swoon. Ron Paul in 1987:


Throughout the 20th century, the US has steadily drifted from the traditional policy of nonintervention, neutrality, and independence to one of interventionism in the internal affairs of other nations, covert foreign activity, and broad international commitments. This dramatic shift in policy, one of the major US blunders of this century, is responsible for all of our overseas military conflicts of the past eight decades, which have resulted in more than 650,000 Americans killed and 1,130,000 Americans wounded…Policy shifts have since occurred, but reassessment of the overall foreign intervention policy has not taken place. Reassessment must occur if the senseless killing is to be stopped.

If we had reassessed our foreign policy back in 1987, there would be no Iraq War (Part I and II). The war in Afghanistan could still be possible, but only because we were attacked. There would be no involvement in Libya.

Neutrality on Israel-Palestine

It is sort of a contest: should we be pro-Israel or pro-Arab, or anti-Israel or Anti-Arab, and how are we perceived doing this? It is pretty important.

But I think there is a third option that we often forget. Why can we not be pro-American? What is in the best interests of the US?

I believe that it is in the best interests of the United States not to get into a fight, a fight that we do not have the wisdom to figure out. I would like to have neutrality. That has been the tradition for America, at least a century ago, to be friends with everybody, trade with everybody, and be neutral unless someone declares war against us.

The perceptions are yes, we have solidarity with Israel. What is the opposite of solidarity? It is hostility. So if we have solidarity with Israel, then we have hostility to the Palestinians.

I have a proposal. We should start by defunding both sides. I think we can contribute by being more neutral.

He’s like the pied piper to my non-interventionist side.

Thing is, he’s the pied piper to a lot of people. For a lot of different reasons – whether it be the legalization of drugs or his serious dedication to slashing big government.

His truly radical ideas explain why Ron Paul’s supporters are die-hard and unwavering. Just like Ron Paul. Ryan can’t come in, give a few examples of how his views are similar to Ron Paul’s, and expect them to vote for the ticket. It’s not going to happen because they don’t see much difference between Romney and Obama. A Ron Paul supporter, “Calvin,” on the Yahoo! comments section said it all:

Who does Paul Ryan think he is to even try to reach out to those of us who supported Ron Paul in the primaries? It was only over the past few months that the party establishment openly violated its own rules to squash Ron Paul’s campaign. The foul play ended up going all the way up to Tampa Bay. The GOP establishment has made it very clear that they do not want reformists to play any meaningful role in the nomination process, yet now the establishment asks us to vote for the candidate that it rammed through come November? Forget it!

And of course, that is just on top of the fact that Romney and Ryan are nor really better than Obama. Romney signed Romneycare, was involved in the negotiations for the RGGI, and voiced approval of the Wall Street bailout and the NDAA. Paul Ryan voted for No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, the Wall Street bailout, the Detroit bailout, and the NDAA. Ryan’s budget plan would not touch military spending, and it would not balance the budget for three decades. What would Ron Paul say about those things?

If Romney and Ryan win in November, the only thing that those of us who supported Ron Paul will gain is lip service. Our goal is not to send someone who gives us lip service sent to the White House, it’s to get send someone to the White House who actually believes in limited government. We want Obama gone, but we also want him replaced by someone who is genuinely different.

Message to Paul Ryan: If you did you your homework on Ron Paul supporters, you wouldn’t have bothered. Seriously. Getting Obama to vote for you would be easier.

Super (Weird) Tuesday

It wasn’t just Super Tuesday. It was weird. One of the gals who works with our company through a non-profit came in today. She’s 8 months pregnant, and Friday will be her last day before maternity leave. The last day she’ll be at our company is Thursday. Crap! I need a baby gift. After work, I headed out to Babies R Us. That place is a vortex for me. I got the requisite registry item within 5 minutes of entering. I spent the next 2 hours hypnotized by baby clothes. The fact that she’s having a girl made it that much longer – all those cute matching separates. Eventually I got out of there with three outfits and the baby play mat thingie she wanted.

When I got home and ate a late dinner, I stumble on to the NatGeo channel. Doomsday Preppers. This time, talk of global pandemics, financial collapse, and a polar shift hypnotized me. I am fascinated by their obsession and their determination to survive. Kudos. I am determined to be one of the victims. I have absolutely no desire to survive and live in a post-apocalyptic world. In the background (on my laptop) were the results from Super Tuesday. During the show, Ohio was still up for grabs. By the end, Ohio went to Romney. By 1%!

So my Super Tuesday went from shopping for a baby to doomsday scenarios to the long, drawn-out battle for Ohio.

Delegates-wise, Romney is in better shape. 323. States-wise, it wasn’t a TKO for Romney. Here’s how it went down:

Newt Gingrich

Ron Paul
None =(

Mitt Romney

Rick Santorum
North Dakota

So what does this all mean? The fight continues on. This is going the full 12 rounds (seems more like the old-school 15). No one is throwing in the towel yet. Even Ron Paul is in it to win it. More debates, primaries, negative ads, and robocalls. Tis election season.

November is looking so far away.

GOP Debate: Getting Heated in the Hot and Itchy State

Things got a little tense between Santorum and Romney in the CNN Debate in Arizona. Santorum was his same jerky self. It was interesting to see Romney get a little testy and condescending with him, though. I especially liked when he said “Nice try” in one of his retorts. Newt Gingrich was all about reminiscing when he was Speaker and bashing Obama. Ron Paul was…Ron Paul. He really nailed it when he chose “consistent” as the one word to describe himself. Actually, Ron Paul made the most sense up there. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that. Meanwhile, enjoy! 🙂

Newt Gingrich
1. Strong America Now! Just as catchy as Contract with America! And equally useless.
2. Forget all this contraception crap. Obama is a baby killer.
3. “When I was Speaker…” the sky was always blue, money grew on trees, and everyone who wanted a pony got a pony.

Ron Paul
1. Why do I have an ad for Santorum being fake? “Because he’s fake!”
2. Don’t blame the Pill because our society is slutty.
3. I don’t know about Ricky’s copy, but abstinence education is no where in the Constitution.

Mitt Romney
1. I did NOT make Catholic hospitals provide the morning after pill to rape victims. They have to keep their rapist’s spawn.
2. You said on Laura Ingraham that Conservatives could trust me, Rick. No backsies!
3. Women can be in combat and die just like the guys in these useless wars.

Rick Santorum
1. Earmarks are the bomb. Speaking of bombs, Iran has some.
2. “The difference between me and the Left is”…night and day.
3. Homeowners won’t have to e-verify. Don’t worry about having a dirty house. Lupita isn’t going anywhere. We won’t tell.

Sacrificing an Appendage for Ron Paul

Ron Paul Supporter Says Gingrich Security Officer Fractured his Foot

Just when I think that political campaigns have hit bottom with their dirty tricks, someone pulls out a shovel. Stomping on his foot so hard that it’s broken? Jesus, what is this? The GOP Primary or cage fighting? Sidebar: I never liked MMA. Feet shouldn’t be in the picture. Another reason why I’m a boxing fan.

Anyway, the Gingrich security crew told Eddie Dillard (who was holding a Ron Paul 2012 sign) to leave their campaign stop. When he didn’t, someone decided to stomp on his foot. He had every right to be there. It wasn’t like he was part of an angry mob attacking Gingrich.

When I first read this article, I thought, “Oh snap. Assaulting a Ron Paul supporter? All hell is going to break loose.” Paul has very intense, dedicated supporters. They are everywhere, and many follow him on the campaign trail. Paul’s campaign handled it very well, demanding an apology from Newt’s camp. Yeah, I know. Don’t hold your breath.

Dillard is planning to file a lawsuit and press charges. Suing the hell out of Newt may divert some of his campaign money to his settlement. I love it. He’s not just a supporter with a broken foot anymore. He is now, Eddie Dillard, martyr for the cause.

Ron Paul for President! I get a kick out of writing that.

GOP Debate: Mittens is Mad

I was too tired to recap the South Carolina debate Thursday night. I figured there would be another one soon. And I was right. Tonight, Mittens took a lot of swings at Newt. Looks like someone is bitter about South Carolina. Anyway, to those who spared themselves unnecessary pain, enjoy! 🙂

Newt Gingrich
1. Four consecutive balanced budgets, low unemployment, and welfare reform. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Super Speaker!
2. “Hold on, friend.” I did not lobby congressmen. So what if my entities were paid by health companies? I can’t have dinner with old friends before important votes?
3. In America, we speak American!

Mitt Romney
1. I am electable because I’m a leader. And I didn’t share a sofa with Pelosi and resign in disgrace.
2. I will not show 12 years of income taxes. Is this an election or an audit?
3. Obama plays 90 rounds of golf with 25 million out of work. And I’m spending way more than 25 million to be the guy playing 90 rounds of golf.

Ron Paul
1. More 30 years and younger voters love me than Obama, so it’s a stretch to say I’m not electable.
2. If Castro dies, open up talks with Cuba. And send them gift baskets! See? I’m not an isolationist.
3. Nationally, we should have one language. English. Pero, si estados como Florida quieren boletas en Español, esta bien. ¡Viva Ron Paul!

Rick Santorum
1. Look there are two other people up here. Not just Newt and Mittens.
2. Cuba? Once the entire Castro clan is gone, we make sure they don’t hook up with Iran. I hate Iran, if you haven’t figured that out by now.
3. Vote for me, the real Conservative. Tea Partiers – there’s no difference between these two and Obama.

GOP Debate: A FOX Mess in Myrtle Beach

They were all over the place tonight. It started as “take a swing at Mittens.” Then they covered everything from Turkey to the Taliban. In case you did yourself a favor and skipped it, here are the highlights:

Newt Gingrich
1. Look man. Forget what I said about attacking other Conservatives. I’m exposing the empty suit, and when I’m hit, I hit back.
2. “Only the elites despise earning money.” Yeah, I know I don’t make sense.
3. Cain isn’t the only one who loves Chile. Social Security, Chilean style, baby.

Mitt Romney
1. President Obama will come after me…because I’m the one who will win this thing, losers.
2. Everyone knows I have more money than God. If you need proof, yeah, I’ll show you my income tax records.
3. “We go anywhere they are and we kill them.” I’m not just a vulture capitalist, I’m a killing machine.

Ron Paul
1. I needed a half hour infomercial to expose Santorum. I was given a minute.
2. More military personnel support me than these clowns. That should tell you how popular these wars are.
3. 900 bases, an embassy in Baghdad bigger than the Vatican, and nation building. And people wonder why we don’t have money for our own unemployed people.

Rick Perry
1. Turkey is run by Islamic terrorists. You just got a taste of Perry Diplomacy.
2. This administration’s war on religion is out of control. I need your votes, South Carolina religious Conservatives. Don’t give them to that Catholic yankee.
3. Improve the housing market by killing Freddie and Fannie, the government puppet twins.

Rick Santorum
1. Voting for No Child Left Behind? My bad.
2. If you work, finish high school, and have kids after you’re married, you will never be poor. I promise.
3. No sacred cows. We’re going after rich seniors who don’t need Social Security. Redistribution of wealth? Not when the GOP suggests it.

Mitt Romney: The Most Beautiful GOP Nominee in the World

Sometimes I wish I could live in a GOP Primary state during election season. I’d love to see all the action firsthand. The mud-slinging ads, the townhalls, all of it. I think it would be very exciting.

Anyway, back to Romney. So he won New Hampshire. Quelle surprise, right? Come on. I didn’t need a Magic-8 Ball to predict this one.

I’m not really surprised that Ron Paul got 2nd. After all, it is New Hampshire, Libertarian capital of the United States. The sad thing is that Jon Huntsman skipped Iowa to seriously work New Hampshire. And he got 3rd place. He should give it up. He is the one that doesn’t give a lot of Liberals like me the full body heebie jeebies. And that is the reason why he’ll never get the nomination.

That leaves Rick Santorum and Rick Perry. Santorum. He’s riding that Iowa caucus “high,” and the next primary is all about religious Conservatives. He may pick up a few votes in South Carolina – maybe come out ahead. He is not going to get the nomination, though. He has a long list of quotes (some nearly unbelievable) that show his very extreme views. He’s very trigger happy when it comes to Iran. And what we’ve seen what a cowboy President can do. Plus, he’s still trying to downplay that gaffe of blah people on welfare.

Perry? Good hair can only get you so far. All the self-deprecating humor in the world will not erase the fact that he forgot the third of three government departments he wanted to dismantle. And it was the Department of Energy – tied to his answer to the nation’s problems. O-I-L. I think that stuck in people’s minds. Plus, suggesting troops be sent back to Iraq? Final nail in the coffin. Like Santorum, he will probably pick up a few votes in South Carolina, but that’s about as far as he’ll go.

We should just skip all the pleasantries and crown Romney. He has the most money behind him and the “electability” thing. And, sorry Rick, but he has really good hair too. Hand him the bouquet and let him wear the “GOP Nominee” sash. Almost time to walk down that plank…I mean, ramp.

GOP Debate: Saturday Night Fun in Manchester

After a shamefully long absence, last night provided the perfect opportunity to resurface: The ABC News/Yahoo! GOP debate in New Hampshire. Here are the highlights:

Newt Gingrich
1. Anti-Christian bigotry! It’s bigger than two chicks wanting to get hitched.
2. “Obama’s desperate attempt to create a radical European social model is sincere.” Dang the audience loves me. I’m here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.
3. If I weren’t here, I’d be watching the college basketball championships. Oh oops. Football. You caught me. I’d really be holding Callista’s purse at Tiffany’s.

Jon Huntsman
1. A gay couple’s relationship doesn’t affect my marriage one bit. Stay with me, social conservatives. No to gay marriage, yes to civil unions.
2. Simpson Bowles! Eliminate the loopholes. But not all of them. I got your back, big business.
3. I just called Romney a douchebag in Mandarin.

Ron Paul
1. Nice comment on the bell, junior. Still doesn’t change the fact that you’re a big government spender and lobbyist lover.
2. Ugh those newsletters again! I didn’t write that racist crap. Since we’re on the subject, black people get the shaft in the justice system. Maybe that will get me a few of their votes.
2. Ping pong is the cornerstone of my foreign policy. Rescuing Iranians from pirates and stopping sanctions will bring world peace.

Rick Perry
1. You just witnessed a brawl between Ron and Rick. They’re what’s wrong with government. And neither have good hair.
2. My vision is O-I-L, but you knew that.
3. Back to Iraq, soldiers. It would be your 7th tour? Suck it up, son.

Mitt Romney
1. CEOs aren’t managers. If you weren’t a career politician, you’d know that managers are under me. I mean CEOs.
2. Quit badgering me on the contraception thing, Stephanopoulos. I’m this close to saying that I’m sad it didn’t work for your parents.
2. China sucks. They lie, cheat, and steal, but make really good dumplings.

Rick Santorum
1. Don’t ever question my Conservatism, old man. I can arrange a permanent tour of a coal mine.
2. I hate Iran so much. I want to choke Ahmadinejad with my own hands.
3. There is no such thing as the middle class. And the sky is green, I swear.

GOP Debate: The Finale on FOX

The end of last week was crazy, so I wasn’t able to watch the debate. Once in a blue moon, I have a life.

Anyway, I finally caught it on YouTube, cracked open a bottle of Fat Tire Amber Ale. Perfect, because this is the last one! Looking back, I’ve loved Jon Huntsman’s performances. That isn’t surprising. What was surprising was finding myself agreeing with Ron Paul. A lot. That has definitely thrown me for a loop.

I raise my bottle to the GOP. Thanks for the seemingly bottomless well of material for these recaps. ¡Salud!

Michele Bachmann
1. “No new taxes.” I used the broken promise of a one-term president to sell myself. Oops.
2. Ron Paul is underestimating Iran again. We need to kick their asses. With no money and troops who will probably end up on their 10th tour of duty.
3. The issue of abortion is crucial to our party. If you vote for this “partial birth” abortion-promoting former Speaker of the House, Jesus will stop loving you.

Newt Gingrich
1. I believe I’m so electable I dare compare myself to St. Reagan.
2. I hate activist judges. I actually hate that entire branch of government. Let’s get rid of it.
3. Why is Michele talking about my abortion record? Why is she even here? I’m the one in the middle people. The one in the lead.

Jon Huntsman
1. I’m not going to pander, sign any “silly” pledges, or attend a Donald Trump debate.
2. Natural gas people. Time to drop our “heroin” like addiction to oil. I’m going to back off because I’m starting to sound a little too Liberal.
3. Of course we have to protect the border. But legal immigration is an engine of growth. See? “Te quiero, Latinos.” Oh yeah and “Wo ai ni, China.”

Ron Paul
1. Welfare people vs. warfare people. Get one side’s support to crush the other, and voilà! Progress.
2. I am a non-interventionist, leaning isolationist. You can give me all the hypothetical situations in the universe. And I don’t care if it is Iran. We don’t need another war!
3. Newt and Michele want to hack away at the third branch of government? Um, balance of power? And I’m the crazy one?

Rick Perry
1. The taxpayers bailing out a loan guarantee program when I was Texas Agriculture Commissioner? I don’t want to talk about it, so I’ll push my part time Congress idea. The audience loves that. Rick Perry Rules!
2. I’ve already planned my no-fly zone over Syria They’re killing their own people are in cahoots with Iran. Don’t mess with Texas or Israel.
3. Thanks for letting me play at a “high enough level” with you guys. You all are so smart. Self-deprecating humor + good hair = Charming the pants off of people.

Mitt Romney
1. There are Democrats who love America. Swear to God they exist.
2. We need a strong military. Add Navy ships, modernize the air force, and 100K more troops. Even though I’m all about cutting spending.
3. Life experience causes some of my positions to change. I do enjoy flip-flops during the campaign, I mean summer, season.

Rick Santorum
1. 99 counties, 350 Townhall meetings. I want your votes so bad, I’ll stalk your entire state.
2. I am more trigger happy than Bush ever was. Iran has been in my cross-hairs for forever. On day one, I will fire.
3. Hell yeah I broke Reagan’s 11th Commandment (Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican). Suck it up, babies. There’s no crying in vetting!