Tsk Tsk Governor Brewer

Man, did this picture go viral. Seriously though. Wagging your finger at the President of the United States? Real classy.

I would think that being older, she’d understand basic respect that comes with the office. After all, she is a governor. She could have asked him to her office, and they could have gone at it. Privately. But on the tarmac with all the cameras? Not cool. Since she obviously hasn’t learned how a Governor should greet and speak with the President on the tarmac, I offer her a picture tutorial:

Smile and shake his hand as he steps down from Air Force One:

Maybe give him a gift:

Making him laugh is always good:

See? All Republican governors. All earning As for showing class, but more importantly, due respect to the Commander in Chief.

Take a lesson, Governor Brewer.

37 responses to “Tsk Tsk Governor Brewer

  • lobotero

    This woman is an abortion (wait cannot use that word) mental deficient toad…

  • Don in Massachusetts

    She’s a Tea Party shit head, that hasn’t got a clue about life.

  • lbwoodgate

    Brewer is wired to feeding the red meat eaters in her state. We’ll see if this gets her re-elected

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    It showed us all what kind of person she is and how much so many Repubs despise having a black President. They want to “put him in his place.”

  • Sedate Me

    I heard this photo is mildly misleading as to what really transpired, but it’s one of those “splitting hairs” things. You just don’t provide that kind of negative photo-op on a landing strip, even if you want to. Save that shit for, if not behind closed doors, at least indoors where a proper exchange can take place.

    I said this on somebody else around here’s blog, but if I were Obama, I’d have slapped that bitch silly and put her on the plane with a one-way ticket to Gitmo. (Hey, as long as you call her a suspected terrorist, it’s perfectly legal now!)

    At the very least, if the guy had anything resembling a sack, Brewer would go home that night to a message from the IRS on her answering machine, telling her she was getting the most complete audit the IRS has to offer.

    • Spinny Liberal

      Oh no. Audit…maybe. Smacking, definitely not. However tempting. He kept his cool, which is amazing. I would have thrown in a, “Who the hell do you think you’re talking to?” But he’s calm and diplomatic. Very Presidential.

      • Sedate Me

        Slapping was just the “for public consumption” part. Gitmo was where the suffering would begin. 🙂

        Nice guys finish last, especially in today’s America. He’s walking proof. He’s got to show that bitch who the top dog is, otherwise everyone will walk all over him…Oops, too late!

        We are nothing but a species of damn dirty apes engaged in a perpetual dung throwing contest.

  • Sedate Me

    And another thing, she needs to shut the fuck up. She’s in love with a racist law that has given a lot of people reason enough to boycott her state. I’d boycott it too, if it boycotting it actually meant sacrificing something. It’s a completely useless waste of space and resources.

    I was there once as a kid, and the only memory I have of the place (apart from “Fuck, yet another cactus!”) was sitting in a Denny’s and watching as black couple in their late 50’s was denied service purely because they were black.

    Brewer & crew have done nothing to alter my impression of the place, at least in a positive way..

  • The Hook

    This one is further proof your talents are being wasted here at WordPress! Replace Jon Stewart already, would ya?

  • beaglezmom

    She’s a crazy Governor, and clearly a completely unaware person when it comes to understanding that there are cameras everywhere. Particularly when you are standing next to the President! Of course as whacky as Arizona is – I’m surprised she’s not asking to see his passport and citizenship papers.

    • Spinny Liberal

      No kidding! Arizona has some serious whackadoodles. I really think it’s the heat.

    • Sedate Me

      I can’t help but think she wasn’t that “unaware” of what she was doing. Having a picture of you pointing a finger and lecturing The Obama gets you major street cred with the Teabagger set.

      At the very least, I’m sure she’s not that sorry it happened.

  • Kini

    Jan Brewer is a racist for pointing her finger at the President. Ok then, what does that make this guy?

  • Kini

    Hey what if a pretend to be reporter points his finger at another True American President. Not the one that auditions for American Idiot.

    The fun starts at 1:16 – Start Pointing At Hypocrisy!!!! HA HA!!!

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    I’m sorry, Spinny, but I’m done reading your blog until Kini is banned or his or her nasty, personal attacks are prevented from showing up. Take a look at the comments left by this person. Have they added anything to the discussion but personal assaults on your other readers? I don’t need this kind of ugliness in my life. I’ve enjoyed your blog so much but I need a safer place to be.

    • Don in Massachusetts

      I’m with you on this. When I got up this morning saw all the sick and vile comments from him, it made me so mad, that I was ready to scream.

      As long as he keeps commenting, then I am done too.

      Good luck with your blog.

    • Spinny Liberal

      I’m sorry to see you go, SDS, as I have enjoyed your contributions to my blog. 😦 I understand needing a safer place to be.

      My Comment Policy stands as I don’t believe in censorship. Anyway, I hope I can still visit and comment on your blog. I love your stuff – writing and art. Be well, mama.

      • Sedate Me

        As a frequently banned poster myself, I’m not one to rush for banishment.

        However, there are issues of relevancy, coherency and especially the overuse of embedded video at play. Quality control is not censorship. Hell, I’d probably let Hitler’s corpse post comments if he stuck to the topic and they were well written. (That wasn’t an intentional comparison to Hitler, was it?)

        At least start converting those embedded videos to links. Shit, my machine took about 4 minutes to load this page because of the flotilla of mostly irrelevant videos that I can’t really listen to here at work anyway.

  • Kini

    Hey Snores & Donny, you guys are pretty good at dishing it out, but you can’t take it can yah? And you attack Spinny for my comments. What are you guys a bunch of girly men? Oops! Will that hurt your feelings fellas?

    Nasty personal attacks? Please do explain what you mean. Vile comments? From muah!?!? Gosh Golly Gee Willikers Guys! Does this tone make you feel better? 😥

    • Sedate Me

      And you attack Spinny for my comments.

      Exactly! It’s not Spinny’s fault you’re an ignorant, loudmouth, immature, douche-nozzle who comes into a room bellowing idiocy and getting in everyone’s face. It’s yours.

      Good on you for recognizing that fact.

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