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Keep it Classy, Rush

Mocking President Hu Jintao in fake Chinese was just lame. Apparently, he was irritated that no translation was provided in his speech. I never would have heard this had it not been for my local news radio station covering it while I was driving to work. The only reason why they did was because Senator Leland Yee of San Francisco asked for an apology of Rush. He reacted in his usual classy way, saying what he did was a “service.”

Freedom of speech protects even those whose idea of humor hasn’t progressed past the 3rd grade. I can see why a Chinese person would be offended, but they shouldn’t be. Think of it this way, Chinese people: The more he does crap like this, the more he proves what a 窩囊廢 (wōnang fèi) he is. Translation: Loser.

If President Hu Jintao hears this, all the translator has to say is, “Sorry. He was dropped on his head as an infant.” I don’t know how that’s written or said in Mandarin.

Shut Your Cake Hole, Sarah Palin

Am I the only one who thinks this?  I’m really annoyed with Caribou Barbie. Well, more so than usual. She gives this 8-minute speech after the tragedy in Tucson railing the media for blaming her for the shooting. Even the semi-sane of us know it isn’t her fault.  But she IS responsible (along with other screaming heads like Rush and Hannity) for creating an environment that can cause an unhinged paranoid schizophrenic to go on a shooting spree targeting a Congresswoman.

Words DO have power. Ask Hitler. Am I comparing her to Hitler? No way. She just seems to spread hateful, angry messages. Constantly referring to the mainstream media as the “lamestream media.” “Don’t retreat. Reload.” Placing cross-hairs on a map to target people she doesn’t like. And we’re supposed to buy that those are “surveyor” symbols?  McCain’s former campaign aide nailed it when he said, “when you’re explaining, you’re losing.”

In that speech, she accuses people of “blood libel.” I had no idea what that meant.    I doubt she did either because she wouldn’t have used it. A phrase Jewish people finds offensive, and she uses it. And Congresswoman Giffords is Jewish. Brilliant.

Anything of value from that speech was negated by two words.  But it’s all good, right?  Words don’t really have that much power.

You betcha.