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Speaker Boehner, Will You Stop with the Stopgaps?

House GOP Plans 3rd Stopgap Bill to avoid Shutdown

God, this sucks. Is the United States government going to avoid shutdown by Continuing Resolution yet again? How long is this going to go on like this?

This is ridiculous. Boehner has to get through to his Tea Party legislators. He is their leader, and he needs to start acting like it. He should ask Nancy how it’s done. She could get every Democrat to vote in unison against the GOP. How? She scared the living hell out of them, threatening not to back their projects. She is the pitbull in Armani.

Boehner needs to borrow her balls. Or at the very least, her bark.

Harry Reid summed it up:

Tea party Republicans, the Nevada Democrat said, “stomp their feet and call ‘compromise’ a dirty word and insist on a budget that will hurt America rather than help it.”

Whether the Tea Party Republicans like it or not, they control only one leg of a tripod. They have to come up with something both the Senate and the POTUS will sign. That is going to take compromise.

Like the three-year-olds they are impersonating, they are holding their collective breath until they get their way. Is Boehner going to give them their way? Hello shutdown, then. Is he going to stand up? They’ll be pissed, but they might actually get something accomplished.

What’s it going to be, dad?

Tea Party is Making Boehner CRazy

Tea Party, Some Republicans Unhappy with Short-term Spending Vote

Looks like Boehner is finding out that the big gavel job wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. The short-term spending vote passed today to keep the government running for 3 weeks. 54 legislators voted NO in united protest against the Continuing Resolution (CR).

Boehner said these short-term spending measures already succeeded in cutting $10B. “It’s a small down payment on our commitment to the American people that we have real fiscal responsibility,” he said.

That didn’t placate the Tea Party at all.

Mike Pence a representative from Indiana said, “Things don’t change in Washington until they have to. It’s time to pick a fight.”

Judson Phillips, the grand poobah of the Tea Party Nation wrote, “The next continuing resolution is where the Tea Party movement needs to make its stand. Either we see hundreds of billions in cuts or we shut the government down. It has come to that.”

Oh boy. Today’s passage just bought you 3 weeks, Speaker Boehner. Chamomile Tea is really good for soothing nerves. Just don’t drink it if any one of the 54 offers it to you.