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¡Adiós Hopper and Kapanke!

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Two out of the six GOP Senators were recalled in Wisconsin! Recall elections are tough, so I think we did pretty well. Democrats and Progressives in Wisconsin really worked hard – calling, knocking on doors, and getting the word out.

I really wish Sandy Pasch (D) would have taken District 8 over Alberta Darling (R).  Sadly I’m not surprised it stayed Red.  Donors poured $8M into her campaign to keep that seat.  Interestingly, that district includes Waukesha County, home of Kathy Nicklaus, the infamous county clerk who won my very first SpinShady™ Award for making votes appear like magic!

In the Wisconsin State Supreme Court race, the race was so tight. A recount was looking likely. Then Kathy Nicklaus “finds” 14K votes to favor the Conservative incumbent judge. Did I mention she is a GOP activist? Hmm. 

In this recall election, Waukesha County was the last to report tonight. While she might not have had anything to do with it, she seriously needs to be investigated.

Any scorned woman should be happy that Randy Hopper (R) lost to Jessica King (D). I guess he’ll have to cry into the arms of his mistress since he just lost his job. The fact that his ex-wife joined the recall effort still makes me laugh.

While many are sad that they didn’t get the three Senators recalled to get the majority, there is still Dan Schultz, a moderate Republican who voted against Governor Walker’s union gutting bill.  There is hope.

The fact that two GOP state senators are packing right now sends a message we won’t take the assault on the middle class lying down.

It still ain’t over.

A Wisconsin Woman Scorned

Wisconsin State Sen. Randy Hopper Isn’t Living in District, Complaint Alleges

Don’t you just hate it when your almost-ex wife joins the recall effort against you? Alysia Hopper let everyone know that he doesn’t live with her anymore. This is important because he’s not living in the district he represents. He is now in Madison with his mistress, who is rumored to be 25-year-old Valerie Cass, a campaign consultant.

I’m sure Alysia Hopper wants to castrate her almost-ex husband. You know, for trading her in for a newer model and all. Well, if you can’t do it literally, financially and politically are your next best bets.