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The 2012 Presidential Election…The Day After

I took yesterday off to run errands, vote, and relax. One day away, and my inbox went from empty to full. Not as daunting as the day I returned from a week long vacation, but still…full. Maybe that’s why I hardly take my PTO (personal time off) days. The dread of facing my inbox. 🙂

I made good on my commitment. Donuts for the office and warehouse, just like four years ago, to celebrate Obama’s victory. The new director said, “Obama donuts? I’ll pass.” Then, I heard he had one later. Mmm hmm. The CFO, who was there when he said that, interjected, “Who cares? It’s donuts!!” Ahahaha. Non partisan! Anyway, it was a nice treat for everyone…especially the guys and gals back there who don’t make that much more than minimum wage. Plus, I bought the donuts from a small business owned by Cambodian immigrants. For some reason, Cambodians own a lot of the donut shops in the Bay Area. Money well spent. I made people happy, supported a small business, and stimulated the economy!

It took a while for everything to sink in. I was on Cloud 9 last night…after being on pins and needles for the last month or so. When Ohio was still “too close to call” I was on edge. And the Blue Moon beer I was drinking wasn’t taking that edge off. Then, I heard it. He won Ohio, and the networks called it. Obama was reelected and is the 44th President of the United States. Big sigh of relief…until Romney wasn’t prepared to concede because Ohio was too close.

Karl Rove was writing like a mad man on FOX and asking the network to rescind the call. One of the anchor ladies went back to the numbers guys who stood by their call. Wow, that was awkward.

It was about an hour and a half before Romney conceded. The reporter at the Romney campaign said he only had an acceptance speech written. Man, that guy has some balls. I guess he took that 90 minutes to write his concession.

I am absolutely and positively relieved. The American people saw through this liar. One of my favorite Conservative blog friends Terrance at Tocqueville’s Muse said this about Romney:

“Mitt Romney is a solid businessman, a good person, and a real leader. But liberals managed to paint him as the quintessential evil capitalist.”

I respectfully disagree. Mitt Romney is not a good person. He is a bad person, and I saw right through him from the beginning.

He’s not a good person, and no one can convince me otherwise. Maybe people have him confused with his father, George Romney, who was a great person. I guess, in this case, “Compassionate Conservatism” skips a generation.

Now that America has chosen Obama to finish the job he started four years ago, the real work begins. The fiscal cliff is fast approaching. Gitmo is still open. Soldiers and innocent civilians are still dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. Liberals like myself are going to keep pushing him on these issues.

A lot of the issues, especially the looming fiscal cliff, will need to be dealt with in a bipartisan manner. John Boehner said that he was willing to work with Obama. I’m skeptical given their history of obstructionist actions. However, if he is sincere, then I hope they do work together. There is going to have to be some give and take.

One of the places where they can start is taking a good hard look at the bipartisan Simpson Bowles Plan. At least look at it with an open mind. See it as a starting point, which is good because they don’t have to start from scratch. Both sides need to do something to avert another recession.

As they talk about working together, I’m going to take this opportunity to rest up a bit from the hell that was the 2012 election season. I’m happy we were able to stop the train wreck that was Mitt Romney. I liked that despite all of that Super PAC money, the Koch Brothers and the like could not buy the election. It reminded me of 2010 when Meg Whitman spent $150M of her own money and lost.

The fact that billions were spent on this campaign is disgusting. That money could have helped real people. I listened to Karel Saturday night before the election as I waited in the drive through line for my cheeseburger and fries. I liked what he said – keep campaigning to one month before the election. Other countries do this. I’m sure everyone in all the swing states will be on board with this one. I think there should be a spending cap too.

Anyway, the election is over, and I’m happy. Even though I’m a political junkie, I’m spent. This election made my head almost spin off completely. Time to relax and celebrate because sooner rather than later, I know I’ll be putting on the boots to wade through the crap that is US Politics.