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Playboy in the Pokey

Pornography Banned from Connecticut’s Prisons — Next Year

Almost every Saturday night, after a cleaning the house, I jump in my car for my burger ritual. Karel, a liberal KGO radio host, is on during that time. He talked about this. Connecticut is banning porn in prisons. I didn’t even know it was allowed.

I agree with Karel’s stance. When you’re in prison, you lose your freedom. You are paying for your crime. It’s punishment.

When I was looking up the story, I stumbled across an inmate in Michigan who is suing the governor, demanding access to porn. He said that not having porn makes him endure “a poor standard of living, suffering from both sexual and sensory deprivation.”

Are you frickin’ kidding me? It’s prison for God’s sake! It isn’t a vacation getaway. If he wanted to look at Playboy, go to titty bars, or even drive around, maybe he shouldn’t have done something that landed his ass in jail. I hope the governor put a match to that filing. Unbelievable.

Prison should be a place you never want to end up. Considering the privileges they’re given, it doesn’t seem like much of a deterrent. They have TV. They have access to weights so they can bulk up. They can sit around and get those junk tattoos. And now, I learned that they have porn. To me, it’s beyond ridiculous. It makes me long for the days of penal colonies.

Why don’t we have chain gangs anymore so they can actually do something productive? We, in society, have to get up everyday and go to work. Shouldn’t they? I saw a Lockup episode featuring a prison in Louisiana. They have the right idea. Prisoners can work the field to grow vegetables that supplement their diet. Or they can work in a poultry processing center. They’re working. Programs like that should be implemented nation wide.

Prisoners should get the basics. No luxuries like TV. They should come back to their cells bone tired from putting in a day’s work. Maybe if prison sucked way more than it does, we could shut that revolving door.

Terrorists, Teens, and Sex

Osama’s Dirty Mind

When Osama was killed, and the SEALs were hauling out the treasure trove, I read comments on a number of sites. Osama having a “goat porn” stash was the joke used over and over. Turns out they weren’t too far off. While there was no mention of bestiality titles, he did have a stash.

From the article:

Hours after the news of the porn stash, Christine Fair, a Georgetown University terrorism expert, wrote on her Facebook page, “Of course they found porn! Every damned jihadi loves porn.

The 9/11 hijackers boozed it up and got lap dances before they carried out their mission. The Fort Hood shooter was a regular at the local titty bar. I guess they just couldn’t wait for their 72 virgins.

When I read this article, I wasn’t really surprised. Pornography in Islam is haram, or forbidden. And in Christianity, pornography is about lust, exploitation, and the perverting of the conjugal act. In many religions, porn is a no-no.

Still, the porn industry is a billion dollar business. The nation leading in porn queries on the internet is………Pakistan. Here in the United States, the state that leads in the purchase of online adult entertainment is………Utah. It also happens to be one of the most Conservative states with deeply devout Mormons.

I believe that our society needs to drop the whole pseudo-puritanical BS. People are going to buy porn, “read” Playboy, and go to strip clubs. There will always be customers for the ladies of the evening. They don’t call prostitution the “world’s oldest profession” for nothing. And teenagers will experiment with sex. No matter how much we tell them to keep their legs closed, it’s hard to fight biology. If we teach kids about sex, in a comprehensive way, maybe we won’t have as many teen pregnancies. Abstinence only education doesn’t work.

Forbidden fruit is always the sweetest. Take away that, and it just becomes common. It’s no longer, exciting, dangerous, and illicit. If that factor is taken away, you can look at it more rationally. “He’s hot, we’re probably going to do it. I should get some condoms.” If more teens thought like that instead of, “Crap. I hope we don’t get caught,” I think there would be a lot less pregnancies.

It’s way past time to be more open about sex.