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Afterthoughts and the Afterbirth

Since Obama attempted to settle this discussion once and for all, I’ve been reading different takes on the issue. Even though I naïvely thought this would placate them, Birthers called it a fake within a few hours of its release. There’s no getting through to them. The only way these people will believe he was born in Hawaii is to jump into a time machine and be in that delivery room. Since that’s not possible, this might do it. A picture needs to surface that has hula girls spelling out the date, a copy of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin to corroborate, and a large sign that says “Kapiolani Maternity Home” in the room. Dr. Sinclair, the obstetrician, wearing Hawaiian print scrubs would be a plus. Until said picture materializes, there will always be doubt in true Birthers’ minds.

Donald Trump, who brought this issue back into the spotlight, is not a true Birther. Nor is he a serious candidate for the GOP. He should just come out and say it: “Please watch my show, The Apprentice, NBC, Sundays 9:00 PM.” It’s about ratings. A Sunday night time slot, while not the dreaded “Friday Night Death Slot,” is not that popular. Something has to get people watching – especially now that Gary Busey is gone. Trump is not a birther or a politician. He’s a fame whore.

Orly Taitz, is not only a true Birther, she is the Queen Birther. What she said today after the release was telling. She says that under race of Obama’s father, it should have read “Negro” instead of “African,” given that it was the early 1960s. The fact that she would bring that up makes those racist undertones that much louder. Reverend Jesse Jackson spelled it out:

“The birther fringe and those continuing to challenge the legitimacy of the president’s birthplace might otherwise be an irritating distraction were it not for the fact that it is just the outer layer of a more fundamental, ideologically based states rights’ movement. Their “questions” about President Obama’s birth certificate, his religion and most recently his college admissions are silly and based upon unfounded accusations — coded and covert rhetoric to stir up racial fears.”

That’s what it is about. Questioning Obama’s right to be POTUS is saying, “I can’t believe there is a black man in the White House.” A commenter on The Daily Kos, Borg Warner, said it brilliantly: “A hard core section of white Americans can’t stand that a $&^^(@ (their word not mine) is in the whitehouse who didn’t come in the service entrance…it is that basic and it should be hung around the Republicans collective necks.”

They can bitch and moan and say that we’re playing the race card. It doesn’t matter. We see them for who they are. No other presidential candidate turned President, was hounded in such a manner.

Those of us who are reasonable knew long ago that Obama was born in Hawaii. Obama’s gesture wasn’t necessary, but I think he was just damn tired of it all. So, from now on, anything Birther-related will be classified as Afterbirth. Messy, full of waste, and if not expelled, can be toxic.

Birthers Crying Fake

Less than 12 hours after Obama released his birth certificate, Birthers are crying fake. Godlike Productions, my go-to website for all things conspiracy, spelled it all out, mainly in this thread:

*** Obama’s Birth Certificate Debunked Already ***Proof***

Don’t feel like reading posts from the lunatic fringe? I don’t blame you. I took the liberty of marking up Obama’s birth certificate with some of their “proof.” Enjoy. 🙂

To Donald Trump: “Not Official? You’re Fired!”

Trump Produced Birth Certificate that Wasn’t Official

Trump claimed that he could produce an official birth certificate just like that, implying that Obama could do the same if he wasn’t hiding anything. He did, but it turns out that birth certificate was about as real as a Canal Street Birkin.

Hahahaha, oops!

Message to Donald: If you’re going to throw your hat in the ring for the GOP nomination, find a different platform. Taxes seem like it would be a natural fit, but be specific. Maybe Estate Taxes. Just dump the Birther angle. He was born in Hawaii, the land of hula girls and pineapples. Please accept it, and move on. If you don’t, you may have to endure the limo ride of shame, just like Dionne last week.

Birthers are So 2008

I open up my Yahoo! Mailbox, and there, under Top Stories, is House Leader Cantor Believes Obama is a U.S. Citizen It made me think, why is this news? Seriously, haven’t we turned that page?

There are still a lot of people who believe Obama was born in Kenya. I’ve only seen them in captivity -The Comment Sections of Yahoo! News, of course. I read the same stuff, like his grandmother saying she was present at his birth in Kenya.

I bring up the two newspapers that show his birth announcement. People still refute that. I guess The Honolulu Advertiser and The Star Bulletin both knew that he would be POTUS. They had to make sure there was a paper trail.

Most of us know he was born and grew up in Hawaii as evidenced by his desire to leave. 🙂 A lot of natives really want to leave “The Rock,” like my cousin Vickie. She ended up getting married and moving to a very snowy part of Washington State. Couldn’t be happier. It’s a familiar tale and one of the many reasons why I know he was born there.

Just when I think the Birthers have gone away, some lame talking head will bring it up (see above story of Meet the Press asking Cantor). Or someone unhinged spectator will yell about it in a gallery of the House of Representatives when they are reading the Constitution. I guess they’ll never go away, like the Truthers. Everyone loves a good conspiracy.

Anyway, I have channeled the ghost of a dead horse. He has a very important message to the Birthers. If you know one, listen up, and pass it on. “Please stop beating me.”