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Beseeching Obama’s Base

Dear Fellow Democrats and Liberals, Progressives, and the occasional Leftist who votes for our team,

I was perusing the diaries on Daily Kos earlier this evening. I read so much disappointment, frustration, and some hate for Obama. Some are threatening to not even vote for him. Of course, my head started to spin.

I know that a lot of you are extremely disappointed in him. I love him, but there are things he has done that I don’t agree with as well. Extending tax cuts for the wealthy pissed me off. I do see where he was coming from because by “compromising,” he was able to get the tax cuts to the middle class. Mainly, I am disappointed because in his attempt to please everyone, he ended up pleasing no one.

Some of you have much stronger feelings against Obama – that he’s moving way too close to the center. You believe he has conceded too much. Compromised too much. Maybe he has, but will that really drive you to not vote? Or vote for some 3rd party candidate who has a Slurpee’s chance in hell? If you are considering it, please imagine the alternative. Do you want someone who will continue the erosion of women’s reproductive rights? Someone who will always have the corporations’ best interest at heart? Someone who has no problem jumping into a war with the next country who looks at us wrong?

I heard someone say in the summer before the midterms, it’s better to vote for the friend who disappoints you, than let the enemy back in. I think about that a lot, and I hope you keep it in mind over the next year and a half. He’s going to do more to disappoint us, I’m sure, but there’s something we have to remember. Bottom line, he is a politician. He’s going to do what he has to do to get re-elected. I’m going to vote the politician who shares my ideals and views. It’s easier to get through to “ours” than “theirs.”

I’m not asking you to campaign. I am asking that you vote for Obama. Even if you will be gritting your teeth while doing so and having a stiff drink afterward. I really don’t want a President Huckabee. Do you?


Spinny (a.k.a. an Obama “apologist” on Daily Kos)

Dana Loesch…Who?

Before watching Real Time with Bill Maher tonight, I had no idea who this Conservative “rising star” was. So I did a little digging. Here she was on the Overtime segment in October 2010:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Dana Loesch, posted with vodpod

After watching that, I’m completely intimidated by her intellectual prowess (couldn’t even type that with straight face). She is a new CNN political “analyst,” radio talk show host, and Tea Party leader. She’s beautiful, young, (31) has this ballsy, goth vibe, and a Bible verse tattoo on her wrist: Ephesians 6:12-14

Watching her reminded me of something I’ve read a lot on political forums, the Yahoo! Comment Section, and blogs. It always pisses me off.

“Ugly, liberal women are jealous of attractive, smart Conservative women”

  • Why do people think liberal women are so ugly?
  • Smart…OK, aside from Condi Rice, Google:
  • 1. Palin, Couric interview
    2. O’Donnell debate
    3. Bachmann gaffes

They’re definitely attractive women, but they don’t seem like the Brightest Bulbs on Broadway‚ĄĘ (doninmass).

So when you have this match-up:

Dana Loesch, college dropout vs. Rachel Maddow, Rhodes Scholar

There’s no question who I’m jealous of. Hint: It ain’t the Conservative Christian rising star with the potty mouth.

Lawrence O’Donnell Calls Out Bill O’Reilly

Lawrence O’Donnell has what a lot of screaming heads lack…a volume dial. He has a quiet way about him. In this segment, he calls out Bill O’Reilly to prove his assertion that MSNBC is anti-American. I wonder how O’Reilly will respond, if at all. I like O’Donnell’s calm, matter-of-fact O’Reilly smackdown. Enjoy. ūüôā

Islam, Muslims, and Me

As-SalńĀmu `Alaykum. I’ve been thinking a lot these days about Islam. I attribute it to the revolution in Egypt and an extremely throught-provoking post by one of the first people I blog-met on WordPress.

Can We Trust Islam as the Liberals would Have It?

Of course, the title itself pushed my buttons. I immediately (and foolishly) thought, “Oh Lord, here we go. Another person who probably has never even seen a Muslim, let alone talk to one.” He corrected my assumption via the Comment Section. He stated that he had Muslim friends and discussed Islam in depth with them. He also lives in an area that has a large Muslim community. This intrigued me. From our discussion, I got a clearer view of his position. He is distrustful of the religion itself, the radical groups. He also believes that if backed against the wall by an extremist Imam here in America, Muslims will side with the Imam.

I’m still trying to digest that last stance. I have traveled to Islamic countries, and I have Muslim friends and coworkers. I am in a city that has the largest number of Afghanis outside of Afghanistan. Based on my experiences, I have been looking at my own beliefs about this.

As a liberal, of course, I can only speak for myself. Why do I defend Islam? I do because of the constitutionally granted right of Freedom of Religion in the First Amendment. I want to remind people that Freedom of Religion does not just cover flavors of Protestantism. Even if you’re a Satanist, you are protected and are able to exercise your religion. American Muslims living here have every right to practice their religion, provided they do not break any laws. They can build mosques and community centers.

Before JFK was elected, some did not trust him because he was Roman Catholic. They believed that he would be influenced by the Pope in his presidential duties. Even back then, people needed to be reminded of our basic freedom here.

Fast forward to Obama. Same thing, different religion. Since 9/11, some Americans are still distrustful of the religion. And the possibility that the POTUS could be Muslim? Enter fear, rage, et. al. I believe that among many, one small reason why they were both elected was because of the reminders of religious freedom in this country.

I have friends, acquaintences, and coworkers who are Muslim. Only a handful of them I know do the daily prayers. Most of them drink alcohol. One is a lesbian. Most are what I call “Ramadan Muslims.” Only during Ramadan would you know they were Muslim. They get super cranky during that time, too. It’s definitely the not being able to eat from sun up to sun down thing.

Aside from the religion, I don’t see a difference. They’re just trying to make it through life like I am and you are. I hear the same stories. Boss is working them to death. Significant other is irritating the hell out of them. Kid is acting up in class. Kid’s college tuition is killing them. It’s the same stuff we all go through.

I’m not na√Įve. I don’t believe that everything is roses and cupcakes with this religion. The radicals, especially the Imams are what give this religion a bad name. The extremists ruin everything. The “leaders” shoulder a lot of the blame. They use Islam and manipulate the poor and marginalized to satisfy their own blood lust.

I watched an HBO documentary Terror in Mumbai. The producers were able to retrieve recorded phone conversations between the radical leaders and the pawns carrying out their orders. It had to be one of the most disturbing, infuriating documentaries I have ever watched. The pawns were a group of young men – in their early 20s. It was so obvious that they were impoverished and na√Įve. They were so fascinated by the doors in the hotel that opened and closed automatically. The leaders had to keep them focused on their goal. In the last conversation, the terrorist was about to kill as many people as he could, but he knew he would be shot by the police. He asked the leader to pray that God would accept his sacrifice. He kept asking, but the leader was trying to keep him on task. Eventually, the leader prayed that God would accept him into heaven. Then, you hear gunshots.

These radical leaders and Imams are the problem, as they are the catalyst. They have found their way to the United States. In my conversation, the author of that post believes that these radical Imams, “at the earliest point of subversive activity, must leave immediately.” It makes me ask, what is subversive activity? Where are we drawing the line? A rally where the speaker supports terrorists? Approving of the killing of infidels? As much as I’d love to donate my frequent flier miles to an extremist Imam for the first flight out of here, I am reminded again of our freedoms. Freedom of speech. Should someone who is here legally, let alone a citizen (born or naturalized) be deported for what they say? Unless they are explicitly saying, “You. Go blow up the nearest Safeway,” don’t they have a right to say what they want? Plus, what good would it do since we have the internet? Their message can be relayed from anywhere on the planet. Ugh. I wish I knew what to do with the hardliners already here.

This is what I do know. I’m not going to hate or distrust those who follow Islam because of the radicals and extremists. I know, I know, the numbers. Even if a tiny percentage of the 1.5 billion followers are radicals, that is still a lot of people. Sorry. I still can’t negate the millions of decent, normal followers based on the thousands of radicals.

I believe the root of the problem lies with religion in general. I think we took something beautiful (God) and completely screwed it up with religion. So many horrific things have been done in the name of religion (e.g., the Inquisition, war).

I know people find comfort in their faith so I don’t want to bash it. We’re all muddling through this thing called life. If something helps you get through it, more power. I just hate it when it’s used to exclude, hate, and even kill other people.

But that’s for another post, another day.

Fired? Really?

I don’t understand MSNBC. Countdown with Keith Olbermann was one of MSNBC’s most popular shows. He was the liberal counterpart to the likes of Rush and Hannity.

I watched him from time to time, but not regularly. He just wasn’t that entertaining to me. Politics and entertainment value really shouldn’t go together, but sadly it does.

Olbermann has done some pretty offensive things over the years. Giving the Nazi salute while wearing a Bill O’Reilly mask was particularly charming. I believe it’s this kind of thing makes for good TV. Being provocative and passionate will get viewers. It also adds to the vitriol that people have been condemning in light of the shooting of Representative Giffords.

When it comes down to it, TV is about ratings, right? I believe MSNBC made a mistake here, in a purely financial sense. They will lose viewers. Sure, people will probably still watch Rachel Maddow, but she is pretty level-headed. In TV Land, that means boring.

Unless they can find someone equally or more liberal and loud, MSNBC will feel the loss. Though I am glad I don’t have to hear the number of days it’s been since Bush’s declaration of “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq. That is so last administration.

Memorial Etiquette

Ah, the Conservative pundits have interjected ther opinion about the memorial service. “Pep Rally,”¬† “Campaign Event,” “Disgusting/Shameful.” I will give them this.¬†Handing out t-shirts was tacky as all hell.

Now, on to the memorial itself. I, too, was expecting somber, but then I thought about it. This wasn’t your average memorial because it wasn’t your average death. 6 people were killed by a gunman targeting a Congresswoman. Bystanders tackled the gunman. A¬†grandmother wrestled the magazine away from the shooter to keep him from reloading.

In the memorial, we got glimpses into the lives of the victims as well as recognition of the heroes of that day. People applauded, hugged, and even laughed at times.  God forbid they were uplifted for an hour when the remaining 23 is filled with grief and pain.

This wasn’t Obama 2012, Campaign Stop – Tuscon.¬†This was a¬†President speaking in the city where a horrific crime occured that shook Americans to the core, forcing us to look at our political climate.

That’s one of the President’s jobs – to address a grieving public and help make sense of what happened.¬† Reagan did it with the Challenger crash.¬†George W. Bush did it with 9/11. He even yelled into a bullhorn at Ground Zero.¬† So, why shouldn’t President Obama be any different?

Oh yeah, because according to some crazies on the Right, he’s the¬†Socialist/Marxist/Communist (as if they’re interchangeable) Kenyan-born Muslim who just might be the anti-Christ.

Spinny Liberal

Why SpinnyLiberal? I have been thoroughly addicted to comments sections of news articles. 99% of them are political. I’m obviously liberal.¬† Or a¬†tree hugger, hippie, Socialist/Communist/Marxist, bleeding heart,¬†et. al. I think about politics a lot.¬† More than is healthy, I’m sure. I think about it so much, my head gets “spinny.”¬† Voila. SpinnyLiberal is born.

Most of my friends and family don’t share my passion for politics. Some of them are even¬†Conservative.¬† I don’t really want to get “into it” with them on Facebook. Some of our views are very divergent.¬† Politics and religion can make Facebook friends “Unfriend” you.¬†No one wants that, right?

I still need an outlet to “unspin” my head, though.¬†I usually do it in the comments sections, but I get really annoyed by the replies with no substance. “Idiot.” “Libtard.” “Go F yourself.”¬† I end up replying/verbally smacking.¬† It’s way too negative, I worry about my karma¬†, and my head spins more.

So this is where I will be cutting open parts of my head and bloodletting. Surgical masks required.