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The Wonder that is Wall-e

Hundreds Want Pup that Survived Being Put to Sleep

This sweet puppy survived two lethal injections! I was amazed when I read this story. I heard Mark Levin, the Conservative pundit, talk about it on my drive home from work. I have a lot of respect for his intelligence and “resume.” I listen to him in small, metered doses. He can get quite riled up and start yelling. That’s when I start turning the dial. He has a passion for dogs, so when he talked about Wall-e and shelters and rescue organizations, I tuned in. It’s an important issue that transcends politics.

I am using Wall-e’s story as a segue to share my own dog’s journey. On March 10, I will have had Dignidad (Diggy) 2 years now. He is this blog’s Sergeant-at-Arms.

I adopted him from Grateful Dogs Rescue in San Francisco. About 4 years after I had to put down my two dogs, DeeDee and Beano, I started perusing PetFinder. A 6-year-old Chihuahua mix, named Cagney by the rescue, caught my attention, and I adopted him. I re-named him Dignidad, the Spanish word for dignity.

Diggy was abused. Actually, tortured would probably be a more apt term. He has a scar on his muzzle from a cretin who decided to wrap a wire around it. If that wasn’t enough, he was also blinded in one eye. Despite this nearly unbelievable cruelty, he is the most loving, happy dog. Diggy is 12 lbs. of unconditional love.

I can’t imagine how a dog who suffered so much at the hands of “humans” would ever be able to trust them again. I sure as hell wouldn’t. But he does. He loves me and my family. He loved his foster mom. I’ll bet he even loved his torturers.

I want to show him the love he deserves. I want him to experience life as a dog who is cherished and part of the family. He sleeps in the master bedroom with us. His wicker and iron crate has a buckwheat hull pillow with a sheepskin remnant on top of it. A far cry from the cardboard box in that backyard in San Francisco from where he escaped. He has a nice collection of fashionable harnesses and a blingy collar. That’s mainly for me.

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful dog. Diggy has enriched my life and brought so much laughter and happiness to the house. I hope we have many, many years of fun together.