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The C Word and the Payroll Tax Cut Extension

Republicans, Democrats Seal Rare Deal on Taxes

No, not that C word. COMPROMISE. Many Republicans, mainly those in the Tea Party wing, are severely allergic to that word. Yet, they did it anyway! They were able to work with Democrats to get the payroll tax cut extended to the end of the year. YAY!

This is great news for us 160 million workers and for the economy:

Passage would end a battle that has raged since last year over legislation that some economists say is vital to keeping the U.S. recovery on track by injecting up to $130 billion into the economy through consumer spending.

$130 billion dollars. When we working schmucks have extra in the paycheck, we tend to spend it. It could be on anything – from necessities to indulgences. Groceries = stimulates the economy. Dinner out = stimulates the economy. Our consumption (or lack of) has a huge effect on this nation’s fiscal health. You can feel it whenever a Consumer Confidence Index® report comes out. The markets skyrocket or tank based on it. Extending that payroll tax cut will keep up that spending, allowing the economy to keep recovering.

Message to House Republicans: Allow me to be among the first to thank you for compromising. This is how things get done. I know that word gives many of you hives. And actually doing it makes you go into anaphylactic shock. Even if you did it out of self-interest because many of you are up for reelection, I thank you. Now, take this EpiPen®. You deserve it.

Question from the GOP Debate: Would You Let Him Die?

By now, a lot of you have seen this viral video of the audience members at the Tea Party sponsored GOP Debate screaming “Yes” and cheering.

Even though I like to write recaps from an obviously Spinny (snark-filled) point of view, that reaction really disturbed me. As did the one last week where people cheered at Perry’s execution record.

Of course, I know not all Tea Partiers or GOP members are cold hearted. Reactions like that are doing nothing for that stereotype, though.

Regarding the death penalty, my stance differs from many Liberals as I support it. It’s a sentence that should never be meted out lightly, though. There should be compelling evidence, preferably DNA. It’s obviously a serious matter – life and death – literally.

That’s why the cheering bothered me, especially with Perry saying he doesn’t lose sleep at night over the possibility that an innocent man has been executed. Cameron Todd Willingham was executed in Texas under Perry’s watch, and he could have very well been innocent. He was executed for the murder of his three daughters in a fire ruled as deliberately set. Days before his execution, a nationally recognized arson expert submitted a report that the conviction was based on erroneous forensic analysis. Perry said that the expert was wrong and that he wouldn’t listen to anti-death penalty “propoganda.” He refused to grant the stay, and Willingham was executed.

Since the execution, nine of the nation’s top fire scientists concluded that investigators relied on outdated theories to justify the conclusion of arson. If I were Perry, and I read that, I would lose more than a night’s sleep. And in an entirely different context, Governor Perry would answer the question, “Would you let him die” with “Yes, and I did.”

Where am I going with this? If the Tea Party and the GOP want people to believe there is Compassionate Conservatism, maybe they shouldn’t encourage the death of a guy without insurance or cheer the number of people who were executed. Especially when at least one of them could have been innocent.

Kiss My Ass, Roger Williams!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Man, this campaign ad pissed me off.  It wasn’t using donkeys (the symbol for the Democrat Party). That was lame and completely unoriginal. It was the message.  He is comparing the poor on government assistance to animals.  He provides food and shelter which is difficult to do because of the government taxing him. The donkeys feel he “owes it to them.” He said they’re looking for handouts, and it’s hard to get them to do anything. The kicker for me was when he told one donkey,

“Don’t turn your head, I know you’re embarrassed because you’re part of the problem.”

Let’s see. In under 40 seconds, he said poor people are lazy, entitled, freeloaders. Why stop there? He decided to shame them too.

This isn’t the first time a GOP candidate has compared welfare recipients to animals. One used raccoons:

Another Sickening Republican Wants Into The Senate From Nebraska

Donkeys, raccoons, whatever else. Just not human. “Less” than you. If they were human, then there is probably a story about how they came to receive government assistance. Maybe before they were on welfare, they were like you.  And that’s what scares you. Life can turn on a dime, and maybe you will be the one asking for help.

That possiblity is too frightening to comprehend, so screw all that. Continue to dehumanize them. You won’t end up like them because you’re not like them. They’re just animals after all, right?

I Love the Get Along Gang

As Debt Debate Begins, Obama Praises ‘Gang’ Plan

A plan that includes compromise. Put together by 6 Senate Democrats and Republicans trying to deal with this by being reasonable, acting like adults, and accepting reality. Imagine that.

While this bi-partisan group worked on their plan and Obama lauded it, the GOP passed their all cuts/”our way or the highway” bill.

That doesn’t have a Slurpee’s chance in hell.

So, in addition to selling their bi-partisan plan, they’ll have to deal with what just landed on their desks. I really think the House Republicans don’t care that August 2 is just around the corner.

If they reject this or any plan where they have to give in to stuff, then screw them. I’m so frickin’ tired of them acting like they’re the only party in Washington. Won’t compromise? Fine. Obama should give them a swift kick in the ass and remind them who is in office.

Invoke the 14th amendment. Raise the debt ceiling himself and bypass Congress.

That will make the GOP’s heads explode, which would be entirely on them. This scenario or default can be prevented easily. All it takes is accepting a plan that requires both give and take. Maybe something like the one that Get Along Gang is proposing. Shared sacrifice. What a concept.

“Closing Time” in Afghanistan

Obama’s Afghanistan Plan Criticized by Dems, GOP

Nobody’s happy with his plan. Does that surprise me? No. The GOP thinks he’s drawing down too fast. The Democrats think it’s too slow. Of course, I’m with the “too slow” crowd. By next summer, the number of troops returning will be about the same number as the surge. So we’ll be going back to roughly the numbers we had before Obama took office? I don’t see that as a real withdrawal. 60K by next summer would have been perfect because it would include the troops added plus the ones that were already there.

Republicans think we risk losing whatever gains we made because we’re withdrawing too fast. Questions. How long are we going to hold their hand? Why are we training them? So we can get them to protect themselves, right? At some point, we’re going to have to let go. And it’s not like every soldier is coming home tomorrow (my dream). They’re leaving in stages.

Since it’s been almost 10 years, it’s really time to move on. Hell, even al-Qaeda moved on…to Yemen. Osama bin Laden moved on to the 7th level of Hades thanks to some Navy Seals. We can get out of the business of rebuilding other countries and start rebuilding ours.

While I’m not too happy with how long this process will take, at least we’re starting it.

The last line in Semisonic’s song Closing Time is…

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Rep. Jeff Landry Says, “I’m Not Going!”

GOP Lawmaker Rejects White House Trip, ‘Lecture’ from Obama


He’s a Freshman Tea Party Respresentative from Louisiana. He’s making such a big deal about skipping “class.” I think he just wants to make a name for himself. Until you read the article, did you know who he was? Me neither.

He even prepared a formal statement saying why he didn’t want go. Drilling, future generations saddled with debt, grandstanding, no spending cuts = no higher debt ceiling, blah, blah, blah.

Message to Landry: Aren’t Representatives supposed to represent? Well, you probably would have blended in with the furniture, anyway. By publicly declining the invitation, you actually exist now. Just for a bit, though. To get lasting fame/infamy, you need a sex scandal. Preferably a gay one. For now, enjoy!

Tim Pawlenty the Commitment-Phobe

Pawlenty Says ‘I’m Running;” Campaign Downplays It

I didn’t know T-Paw had such commitment issues. Come on. Don’t lead your party on for weeks, only to say, “I’m not ready” for us just yet. It’s not fair. Remember, you have no right to be angry if the attention is on those who actually committed like Mitt. He will get more coverage.

If you start to get jealous, even though you were the one who got scared, you’ll have to take that leap. Embrace your party. Declare your dedication to the relationship, but be prepared to show it. Roll up your sleeves – literally. It looks great for the camera. More importantly, it is a subconscious signal that you are ready to fight with everything you have to defeat that evil Marxist/Socialist/Communist Kenyan/Indonesian-in-Chief.

It would be a good idea to formally announce that you will run before Newt does. His huge circus, filled with extramarital affairs and gaffes, will overshadow your little sideshow of fiscal responsibility. Don’t be afraid. You have a lot to bring to the relationship, and it’s only fair to share it. You’re young, fresh, and don’t have the stigma of infidelity or Romneycare.

The time is now. Stop dipping your toe into the GOP nomination pool, and take the plunge. Don’t be the guy full of regret, daydreaming about what could have been. Your party is waiting.

SpinShady™ Award: Kathy Nickolaus of Wisconsin

Wis. Corrects Vote Count, Gives Incumbent Big Lead

Tonight, Kathy Nickolaus, a Waukesha County clerk, just won the very first SpinShady™ Award.

The Wisconsin State Supreme Court race between Conservative incumbent Justice David Prosser and Liberal Assistant State Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg has been so tight that it looked like it was headed for a recount. Suddenly, out of nowhere, comes Kathy:

…more than 14,000 votes weren’t reported to The Associated Press on Tuesday due to “human error.” … “This is not a case of extra votes or extra ballots being found,” Nickolaus said. “This is human error, which I apologize for.”

After correcting the totals, Prosser has a 7500 vote lead. Mistakes happen, right? We’re only human. Kathy Nickolaus worked on a GOP Caucus that was under the control of Justice Prosser when he was speaker of the Assembly. I know. That doesn’t prove anything. Check this out:

Nickolaus was given immunity from prosecution in a 2002 criminal investigation into illegal activity by members of the Republican Assembly caucus where she worked as a data analyst and computer specialist. Prosser, who as speaker of the Assembly in 1995 and 1996 controlled the same caucus, was not part of the investigation. Nickolaus resigned from her state job in 2002 just before launching her county clerk campaign. The corruption probe took down five legislative leaders, all of whom reached plea deals.

By ratting, exactly what charge did she avoid? She doesn’t seem to be on the up and up. Not only that, in 2010, her systems and backup procedures had to be formally audited because she was uncooperative when the county wanted to review them.

Something smells, and it isn’t that yummy Wisconsin Blue Cheese.

This whole thing begs the question, “Whatcha hiding?” Because of that, Kathy Nickolaus, you are the first winner of the SpinShady™ Award!!

You may retrieve your award after the calls for a recount, but before the investigation. The award, while prestigious, makes for a wonderful good luck charm as well.


Governor Brown Gives Up on State GOP

California Budget: Jerry Brown Ends Talks on Bipartisan Budget Deal

Well, thanks a whole hell of a lot, GOP. We needed just four of you. Four. And this was just to get the budget on the ballot for a special election in June. You all didn’t even want us to vote on it. For all you know, it might not have passed. We’ll never know.

The State Democrats conceded to $12B in cuts. $12B. Getting Democrats to cut that much was huge, especially when we have the majority. Doesn’t the GOP realize what a miracle that was?

The GOP doesn’t want the rest of the budget deficit ($12B) to be closed by tax extensions. Extensions. These weren’t even new taxes! The GOP refused to meet halfway. Absolutely ridiculous.

Jerry Brown’s next move is to get signatures going for a new tax initiative. Why is it new? Because those taxes that he wanted to extend expire in July. So, for a November election, he’d have to sell the public on new ones.

You just wouldn’t compromise, huh GOP? Thanks for nothing.

Cue IOUs. Again.

Biden: A Bucket of Sunshine from Scranton

Biden Reports ‘Good Progress’ in Budget Talks

No matter what anyone says, I love Joey Biden. He just cracks me up. He wears his heart on his sleeve. Conservatives love him because he is a gaffe goldmine. There’s always one in the family.

He is so positive and sunshiney with this budget showdown. Of course we can find some common ground! Of course we can find a way to keep the government going! Of course! The pom poms look great with your suit, Joey.

From a generally sunny Northern California, I hate to bring the dark clouds. But this is what Representative Mike Pence from Indiana said:

“You never get a second chance at making a first impression. Our first impression with the American people needs to be that we kept our word and we found the budget savings that we promised to find. I’m still cautiously optimistic that we’re going to do just that.”

So for him, and I’m sure many freshman Tea Party representatives, this is what it’s about. Appearances. They want to show their constituents that they are fulfilling their campaign promises. Even if it means screaming and jumping up and down like 3-year-old children who want their way. Thing is, the public sees both. If they keep insisting and refusing to budge, they will look more like the 3-year-olds than the politicians trying to keep their promises.

Don’t toss the pom poms just yet, Joey. There is a sunbeam in there. At least one of them gets it, like Representative Steve Womack of Arkansas:

“Compromise on the subject of spending is a tough sell. It doesn’t mean it’s an impossible sell. There is a serious mandate to cut spending. Now having said that, I also live in a realistic world and I understand the dynamics involved in having one leg of a three-legged stool under our control.”

So keep pumping the sunshine. Maybe the positive energy will turn this around. By next Friday. Midnight.