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Totally Twisted Quote Tuesday 10/18/11

Huckabee Asks, “Who You Callin’ Progressive?”

Huckabee Criticizes Beck for ‘Progressive’ Claim

Uh oh. Glenn Beck did it now. Calling a staunch Religious Conservative a “Progressive?” Them’s fightin’ words.

What makes Huckabee so “Progressive” in Beck’s eyes? He supports Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign. It targets the problem of childhood obesity in this country.

Conservatives have colored it government overreach – one step closer toward Twinkies® being outlawed under some Marxist tyranny. Huckabee defended (gasp) the program saying, “The first lady’s approach is about personal responsibility, not the government literally taking candy from a baby’s mouth.” Thank you. He gets it.

Huckabee wasn’t going to take Beck calling him the “p” word. He replied, “You’re just bitter because FOX pulled the brakes on your crazy train, blackboard boy.”

Not really.

He actually said, “He seems to fancy himself a prophet of sorts for his linking so many people and events together to describe a massive global conspiracy for pretty much everything.”

He summed up Glenn Beck in one sentence.

Watch who you call progressive, Glenn. I think he runs pretty fast despite the mom jeans.

The Obama I Voted for IS a Democrat after All

Which means I drank the right glass of Kool-Aid in 2008. 😛

“Some will argue we shouldn’t even consider raising taxes, even if only on the wealthiest Americans. It’s just an article of faith for them. I say that at a time when the tax burden on the wealthy is at its lowest level in half a century, the most fortunate among us can afford to pay a little more. I don’t need another tax cut. Warren Buffett doesn’t need another tax cut. Not if we have to pay for it by making seniors pay more for Medicare. Or by cutting kids from Head Start. Or by taking away college scholarships that I wouldn’t be here without. That some of you wouldn’t be here without. And I believe that most wealthy Americans would agree with me. They want to give back to the country that’s done so much for them. Washington just hasn’t asked them to.”

Cue heads of Conservatives exploding.

GOP Conservatism: Authoritarian or Libertarian

Mad love to woodgatesview for pointing me to this great Rachel Maddow segment.

I love how she explains the difference and finally gave them a “name.” It seems like the GOP and Conservatives campaign as Libertarian, when they really are Authoritarian. Libertarians, like any party, come in different flavors. However, their basic tenet is limited government. The ones I’ve run into online and in real life are so different from these Authoritarian Conservatives. If I were Libertarian, I’d be kinda pissed if the name was used by these Conservatives. In this clip, you will see a perfect example of why. There is no way a Libertarian would suppport the government reading private e-mails.

Anyway, enjoy! 🙂

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Tea Party is Making Boehner CRazy

Tea Party, Some Republicans Unhappy with Short-term Spending Vote

Looks like Boehner is finding out that the big gavel job wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. The short-term spending vote passed today to keep the government running for 3 weeks. 54 legislators voted NO in united protest against the Continuing Resolution (CR).

Boehner said these short-term spending measures already succeeded in cutting $10B. “It’s a small down payment on our commitment to the American people that we have real fiscal responsibility,” he said.

That didn’t placate the Tea Party at all.

Mike Pence a representative from Indiana said, “Things don’t change in Washington until they have to. It’s time to pick a fight.”

Judson Phillips, the grand poobah of the Tea Party Nation wrote, “The next continuing resolution is where the Tea Party movement needs to make its stand. Either we see hundreds of billions in cuts or we shut the government down. It has come to that.”

Oh boy. Today’s passage just bought you 3 weeks, Speaker Boehner. Chamomile Tea is really good for soothing nerves. Just don’t drink it if any one of the 54 offers it to you.

Republican Woman…Stay Away from Me

I found another Jasiri X video that matches nicely with another one of my posts, Dana Loesch…Who?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

His videos are great. This one was produced before the midterm elections. All I can say is THANK GOD Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle lost. And for the future of my state, I’m so glad the Megalomaniac lost too.

It’s not that I loathe Republican women. Aren’t there better female GOP players out there? After Condoleezza Rice, what happened? I mean come on. A mama grizzly who can’t even tell people what she reads? That is hardly a gotcha question. A former witch (no offense to pagans) who couldn’t debate her way out of a paper bag ? A candidate who believes that pregnant rape victims should carry to term because they can make “lemonade out of lemons?” A representative who thought she was being locked in a bathroom by lesbians when one of said lesbians was just leaning against the stall door?

That’s the pool? Sorry, but it sounds like the shallow end of the gene pool.

I’m sure there are more Conservative women who are more like Condoleezza than Sarah. Until the GOP finds them or vice versa, comedians and bloggers will never want for material.

Dana Loesch…Who?

Before watching Real Time with Bill Maher tonight, I had no idea who this Conservative “rising star” was. So I did a little digging. Here she was on the Overtime segment in October 2010:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Dana Loesch, posted with vodpod

After watching that, I’m completely intimidated by her intellectual prowess (couldn’t even type that with straight face). She is a new CNN political “analyst,” radio talk show host, and Tea Party leader. She’s beautiful, young, (31) has this ballsy, goth vibe, and a Bible verse tattoo on her wrist: Ephesians 6:12-14

Watching her reminded me of something I’ve read a lot on political forums, the Yahoo! Comment Section, and blogs. It always pisses me off.

“Ugly, liberal women are jealous of attractive, smart Conservative women”

  • Why do people think liberal women are so ugly?
  • Smart…OK, aside from Condi Rice, Google:
  • 1. Palin, Couric interview
    2. O’Donnell debate
    3. Bachmann gaffes

They’re definitely attractive women, but they don’t seem like the Brightest Bulbs on Broadway™ (doninmass).

So when you have this match-up:

Dana Loesch, college dropout vs. Rachel Maddow, Rhodes Scholar

There’s no question who I’m jealous of. Hint: It ain’t the Conservative Christian rising star with the potty mouth.

Lawrence O’Donnell Calls Out Bill O’Reilly

Lawrence O’Donnell has what a lot of screaming heads lack…a volume dial. He has a quiet way about him. In this segment, he calls out Bill O’Reilly to prove his assertion that MSNBC is anti-American. I wonder how O’Reilly will respond, if at all. I like O’Donnell’s calm, matter-of-fact O’Reilly smackdown. Enjoy. 🙂

Keep it Classy, Rush

Mocking President Hu Jintao in fake Chinese was just lame. Apparently, he was irritated that no translation was provided in his speech. I never would have heard this had it not been for my local news radio station covering it while I was driving to work. The only reason why they did was because Senator Leland Yee of San Francisco asked for an apology of Rush. He reacted in his usual classy way, saying what he did was a “service.”

Freedom of speech protects even those whose idea of humor hasn’t progressed past the 3rd grade. I can see why a Chinese person would be offended, but they shouldn’t be. Think of it this way, Chinese people: The more he does crap like this, the more he proves what a 窩囊廢 (wōnang fèi) he is. Translation: Loser.

If President Hu Jintao hears this, all the translator has to say is, “Sorry. He was dropped on his head as an infant.” I don’t know how that’s written or said in Mandarin.

Memorial Etiquette

Ah, the Conservative pundits have interjected ther opinion about the memorial service. “Pep Rally,”  “Campaign Event,” “Disgusting/Shameful.” I will give them this. Handing out t-shirts was tacky as all hell.

Now, on to the memorial itself. I, too, was expecting somber, but then I thought about it. This wasn’t your average memorial because it wasn’t your average death. 6 people were killed by a gunman targeting a Congresswoman. Bystanders tackled the gunman. A grandmother wrestled the magazine away from the shooter to keep him from reloading.

In the memorial, we got glimpses into the lives of the victims as well as recognition of the heroes of that day. People applauded, hugged, and even laughed at times.  God forbid they were uplifted for an hour when the remaining 23 is filled with grief and pain.

This wasn’t Obama 2012, Campaign Stop – Tuscon. This was a President speaking in the city where a horrific crime occured that shook Americans to the core, forcing us to look at our political climate.

That’s one of the President’s jobs – to address a grieving public and help make sense of what happened.  Reagan did it with the Challenger crash. George W. Bush did it with 9/11. He even yelled into a bullhorn at Ground Zero.  So, why shouldn’t President Obama be any different?

Oh yeah, because according to some crazies on the Right, he’s the Socialist/Marxist/Communist (as if they’re interchangeable) Kenyan-born Muslim who just might be the anti-Christ.