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Fuller’s 5150

Ay ya yi. What now?

James Fuller, victim of the Tuscon tragedy, yells, “You’re Dead!” to Trent Humphries in a taping for Christiane Amanpour’s show. Humphries suggested that any gun control discussions should wait. Fuller disagreed loudly (and violently, obviously).

Thank God he is where he is supposed to be – getting a psych evaluation. The arm-chair psychologist in me is pretty sure it’s PSTD. He desperately needs help, whatever the diagnosis. 

It’s a tragic shame that Jared Loughner didn’t get the help he desperately needed. Why didn’t he? Erratic outbursts in class – some threatening to harm others. A teacher was afraid that a discussion she had with him would have turned violent. Danger to self or others. Should that have warranted an evaluation? I guess it’s easier to kick him out of school. It’s no longer their problem.

If Loughner got the evaluation Fuller is getting, could the tragedy have been avoided? Sadly, we’ll never know.