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Another Manson in the News

Providing Necessary Evil: Jules Manson Calls for Assassination of Obama and His ‘Monkey Children’

Move over Charles. There’s a new psycho in town. Although, there is a striking resemblance.

The author says that he’s a “necessary” evil? He states:

“Succinctly, people like Jules Manson are necessary as a check to existing systems, as examples of contrast to appropriate behavior.”

Nope. There are already so many racist, ignorant people out there. This one isn’t even the pick of the litter. He isn’t even close to being necessary.

That said, he’s here, spewing his hatred. The First Amendment gives him the right to do so. So let’s look at what he’s said:

“Assassinate the f—– n—– and his monkey children.”


I wrote the most vile and hateful words to express my condemnation for him doing this to the American people. It was horrible. I deeply regret it and I’m deeply shamed by it. I cannot express how much I wish I had not done that.


After much consideration, I have decided to throw my hat in the ring for California’s 28th State Senate district for the 2012 elections. I intend on representing the Democratic Party with due dignity, and loyalty for my campaign contributors which will happen to be public-sector labor unions and other collective bargaining institutions that help keep the poor man down and dependent on government.

Yup. That’s the beauty of the First Amendment. The more you exercise it, the more you reveal about yourself. He basically revealed that he’s crazy.

The racist, ignorant crap doesn’t surprise me. I’ve always thought there are still a lot of people who can’t accept that there is a black man in the White House. As a President, he’s encountered things that I believe wouldn’t have happened to a white president. Representative Joe Wilson yells “You Lie!” in the middle of Obama’s State of the Union Address. An Orange County Representative Marilyn Davenport sends an e-mail with an image of Obama superimposed on to a chimpanzee. There are many more examples, but you get the picture.

So nope. We don’t “need” people like Manson. Jules, like Charles (they must be related), is just a piece of crap disguised as a crazy, ignorant human being.

And with a Rebel Flag, She Cried, “More…Attention Please!”

Rebel Flag Still Flying in Black SC Neighborhood

Unless you are surrounded by a ton of acreage, you have one of them. The annoying neighbor. The one that you have to make sure you invite to your party so they won’t call the cops complaining about the noise. Or the one with the perfectly manicured lawn yelling at the kids to get off it. In this case, the classification for this neighbor is: Family – Ignoramus, Genus – Attention Whore.

Family – Ignoramus

She said she flies this flag because, “I’m the lady who loves her flag and loves her heritage.” A heritage of losers? I don’t know why you’d fly the flag of the losing team, but to each their own.

She tearfully testified that she’s not racist. Does she not get why people might think she is? Probably not. See Family classification. I guess it doesn’t matter because she simply doesn’t care.

Genus – Attention Whore

Her own words show that she loves the attention:

“People driving by here because of the privacy fences, they tend to slow down,” she said. “If the objective was to block my house from view, they didn’t succeed very well.”

Mm hmm. A pathetic woman with nothing going on except for her provocative Confederate flag. Suddenly, she’s in the news and on blogs (you’re so very welcome). And no doubt, she has a lot of supporters.

While South Carolina (with the exception of coastal areas like Myrtle Beach – Hi DC!) isn’t a destination I dream of living in one day, I would love to move in as her next door neighbor. Two can play at this game.

I would get two even taller flag poles and fly these:


She has every right to fly her flag. And as her imaginary neighbor, so do I. The First Amendment rocks! I say screw the fences. Get flags just as head-turning – if not more. The one thing Genus – Attention Whore hates is anything that steals their spotlight.

The Ex-Boyfriend from Hell

Jilted Ex-boyfriend Puts up Abortion Billboard

Wow. This guy is a total jackass. Even if her name or picture isn’t on the billboard, Alamogordo NM isn’t that big of a city. ~35K. It wouldn’t be too hard to figure out who she is. They already identified her as Nani Lawrence, but I’m pretty sure a lot of people knew before the papers reported it.

She and her friends say that she had a miscarriage. The kicker is that he doesn’t know if she had a miscarriage or an abortion. What the hell?? He doesn’t know, yet the billboard basically accuses her of killing their child? New Mexico Right to Life has withdrawn their endorsement and asked that their name be taken off the board. Good call.

She sued him for harassment and invasion of privacy, successfully. The billboard is coming down. Of course, the ex from hell is appealing it.

This whole case leaves me confused. Is it libelous because she had a miscarriage and not an abortion? Can it even be libel if her name isn’t on the billboard?

All I know is that if this ends up in the Supreme Court, and the sign is allowed up because of Freedom of Speech, I hope she gets even. She should get a billboard, and put it up right next to his if possible. It should say, “This is why he is my EX-boyfriend” with an arrow pointing at his billboard.

The lesson here is to be careful to avoid pregnancy. Birth control. And if you decide to ignore that sage advice, then choose who you sleep with wisely. You do not want a guy like this to be the father of your kids.

Allah Loves You, but Not Your Lawn Sign

‘Bomb Making Next Driveway’ Posted Next to Mosque

So this guy is pissed off that this Mosque is built too close to his property, and its bright lights violate city code. The city denies this. He wants the Mosque to build a 6 ft. fence between his property and theirs.

Because he feels he is getting nowhere fast with the city, he puts up this charming lawn sign on his property. Naturally, the Muslims in his community are completely offended. The police won’t do anything about it because his sign isn’t illegal. The Town Supervisor Dr. Barry Weinstein said the sign is “inappropriate.” However, he added, “it’s the same free speech that we all hold so dearly.”

I totally agree. He sounds like that jackass neighbor most of us have encountered. Still, that detestable lawn sign is covered by the First Amendment. In one forum, I was referred to as the “1st Amendment Absolutist.” One person believes that the sign will incite violence and isn’t protected. I don’t know about that. The police and town supervisor’s got his back. It’s not like the lawn sign says, “Muslims should be rounded up and shot. Let’s start next door.” I think it’s still covered. While it sucks to do so, I’ll defend his right to be an ignorant, insensitive jackass.

He picked a loathsome way to get his fence request noticed. Fighting the city can be frustrating as hell, but you don’t have to offend followers of a religion that has upwards of 1.5 billion devotees to get your point across. The leaders of the mosque want to meet with him, but he hasn’t responded. Message to the Jackass: Dude, go meet with them! If you apologize profusely, preferably to the media, and burn the sign, they may be willing to build the fence.

Die, UCLA Girl? Really?

Threats over Anti-Asian Rant May Force UCLA Student to Skip Exams

Death threats? Are you kidding me? I can understand being pissed off – seething with anger even. But some want her questionably-blonde head on a platter. Come on people. She gave a seriously weak apology (lack of a spokesperson), but most sane people just want her to shut up and maybe go away. Not die.

There’s still Freedom of Speech in this country. It even applies to ranting from a repugnant bleached blonde who looks more like a porn star than a student. The young and dumb speaking is covered, too.

Because of these threats, police arranged for her to take her finals elsewhere. Someone leaked where that location was. Now, they rescheduled her finals. I guess it’s postponement for atonement. Work on a real apology, and start considering out-of-state schools, Alexandra.

If she didn’t receive these threats, I believe that she should have taken her final exams without any special consideration. Facing the music is humbling. She can feel the ramifications of opening her big mouth on YouTube. We’re all responsible for what we say, and she should pay for it.

But not with her life. That should be a given.

Muslim Boogeyman Day?

House Panel Delves into Muslims Radicalization

I didn’t know it was a holiday, but Representative Peter King sure made it festive! He had Muslim American speakers, Representative Keith Ellison broke down and cried, and accusations flew. All that was missing were kebabs – halal, of course.

The House Panel was looking into Muslim Radicalization. Representative King accused the Muslim community for not cooperating with law enforcement and that the extremism is being preached in mosques. He had families testify that their kids became radicals and were discouraged by their mosques not to talk to the FBI. I’m sure that happened, but generally speaking? I call bull poo poo.

Michael E. Leiter, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, stated, “Many of our tips to uncover active terrorist plots here in the United States have come from the Muslim community. So we have to make quite clear that the communities are part of the solution and not part of the problem.”

As far as the radicalism being preached in mosques, what exactly is he suggesting we do? Turn off the mics? There is still something called Freedom of Speech in this country. The Westboro Baptist Church can spread their twisted message, and a recent Supreme Court decision reminded us of this freedom. Unless the Imam is instructing people to blow up the next Christian they see, there’s not a whole lot we can do about the message.

I don’t understand the purpose of these hearings. Honestly, radicalization can happen in any group. And accusing them of not cooperating with law enforcement? Giving tips to the FBI about plots and people who they fear are growing more fanatic is the right thing to do, but it is still voluntary. How does pointing out that they’re not cooperating, which is untrue, going to encourage them to do so in the future?

Not only are these hearings a complete waste of time, they’re counterproductive. Instead of gaining the trust of the Muslim community to help the government find the extremists, they are creating distance. Why would you help someone who thinks you are part of the problem? This was not exactly the most effective strategy.

So since March 10 was Muslim Boogeyman Day, can March 11 be Where are the Jobs Day?

Freedom of Speech…Even If

Freedom of Speech…Even if we find the message repugnant. See this lovely billboard that was put up in SoHo in NYC? The Most Dangerous Place for an African American is in the Womb. The pro-choice gal in me yelled, “Tear that crap ass billboard down, NOW.” The die-hard supporter of the First Amendment in me yelled back, “Not so fast!”

I find this sign absolutely offensive. It’s an assault on a woman’s right to choose with a racial twist. So did they put it up just for Black History Month? Or was its timing just coincidentally insensitive?

Anyway, a lot of people share my view. So much so that their complaints caused Lamar Advertising to pull the ad. Part of me is happy, but a bigger part of me is not. Freedom of Speech doesn’t apply to just my causes.

My solution would have been to find billboard space as close to it as possible (preferably next to it) with a pro-choice message. Hopefully, we would be able to make it twice as big and add flashing neon lights.

Possible messages from creative signs I’ve seen:


This would make a fabulous sign.

If you see an anti-choice billboard, fight the urge to set it on fire, deface it, or call for its removal. They have every right to spread their message.

And so do we.

So give me a shout if you see one of them. I’ll start a fund for our sign. It will be twice as big and cause twice as much controversy. Believe it.