Well, I’m Impressed…

that Obama loved Maroney’s “not impressed” face so much that he did it with her. He said, “I pretty much do that face at least once a day.” Haha. I love it!

McKayla Maroney won a silver medal at the Olympics for her vaulting skills. She was “not impressed” with the silver. Falling on her ass on the second vault cost her the gold. Most people would love to be an Olympic medalist, whatever the base metal. For someone who lives and breathes competition, the silver reads, “second place is the first loser.”

Check out the look she gives Sandra Izbaşa, the Romanian gymnast who won the gold:

Mmm hmm. If looks could kill. Haha. When it’s her turn to get the silver, she makes the face that everyone and their mother ends up seeing. Including President Obama:

I crack up every time I see that. She should never, ever play poker. 🙂

3 responses to “Well, I’m Impressed…

  • lbwoodgate

    I still find it amazing how such a simple gesture gets so much publicity. I guess it all stems from a constant need to feed the gluttonous appetite of our social media that has to post something new every hour of everyday.

    That being said though I too find myself a fan of the “not impressed” look as an expression of not fulfilling one’s potential.

  • Sedate Me

    I must admit that I essentially have a permanent “not-impressed” look on my face.

    I struggle to remember the last time I was positively impressed by much of anything.

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