Set Back Your Clocks One Hour

11 responses to “Set Back Your Clocks One Hour

  • Ric

    I have yet to hear a good reason for this nonsense with the clocks. It pisses off the cats because they think that I’m being too damned lazy to get up and feed them at their usual time. Cats are smarter than the people who created this timewarping system. Maybe I’ll just pack up and move back to M____.

    • Spinny Liberal

      Glad you didn’t finish the M word. Haha. I don’t get it either. I’m in love with the extra hour of sleep, though.

      • Ric Gerace

        Sure you are, until they steal into your house in the spring and set all the clocks ahead just so they can get their damn hour back. You know they’ll do it too, just like they did at Petroplavask or wherever the hell that was.

      • Spinny Liberal

        Yeah that is definitely the sucky part. And don’t mention Petroplavask ever again. I’m still working on that with the therapist.

      • Ric Gerace

        So, don’t say the P word either. You do realize we’re going to run out of alphabet if you can’t come to terms with our admittedly traumatic past in service to the Motherland.

      • Spinny Liberal

        Hello?! Why do you think I’m working on it? And have been since you left me at that pass to fend for myself.

      • Ric Gerace

        I didn’t leave you to fend for yourself. I tried to get to you, I truly did, swear on Comrade Stalin’s moustache. I was struggling through the blizzard to get to you but I was fighting three feet of snow and that howling wind and then I was set upon by a platoon from the SS Dwarvenshrinkeintinyvolk Division. Did you ever have to fight through two hundred dwarves in three feet of snow? I could barely see them but I must have slaughtered a hundred of them before they swarmed me and pummeled with their tiny feet and tiny rifles. By the time I got shed of them and got to your position you were gone. I thought you had abandoned me because of that little difficulty with Comrade Marisova, you remember, the redhead, daughter of the General.

  • Sedate Me

    Economically speaking, setting your clocks back 50 years would actually be a very good thing. (Socially, not so much.)

  • lyttleton

    I was in San Francisco the last time we voted for the President… that was a good night. Here’s hoping for a repeat.

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