Because Election Season Politics Sucks More than Candy Corn

And Candy Corn is Satan’s candy. Seriously. Do people still even eat them? I’m a festive person, so the election, politics, and anything remotely related to Liberals and Conservatives are thrown into the cauldron for today. You’re probably thinking “Thank God.” Hahaha

I dress up every year for work. 🙂 And for the three kids that show up at my door. That’s not hyperbole. I had three trick-or-treaters last year. 😦 I remember as a kid trick-or-treaters would invade the neighborhood. We’d get knocks past 10:00 PM!

Do you still dress up? If so, what is your costume? I decided to be a vampirette this year.I didn’t have my teeth in because the putty didn’t form a tight enough bond. So, I bought a new set on the way to work.

If you don’t dress up (and is applicable), what are your kids’ costumes? Do you get a lot of trick-or-treaters?

Happy Halloween!

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