“Sandy, I Wonder Why-y-y”

Every time I see coverage of the storm, this song pops in my head. I spoke to a good friend who lives in central Jersey. She said they’re expecting it to be worse than last year with Hurricane Irene. She had no power at her house for a week! She’s “sheltering-in-place” now and praying the trees don’t fall down on to the house.

So to east coast family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers in the low-lying coastal areas. I hope you’ve heeded the evacuation warning. If not, there is still time. Please pack it up and go. The storm looks massive. Better safe than sorry, yadda. Take care, and be safe everyone!!

4 responses to ““Sandy, I Wonder Why-y-y”

  • Sedate Me

    I’ve been repulsed by the “pre-game” coverage of this storm -er- FRANKENSTORM!!! The anticipatory giddiness most of the media (especially those not in the line of fire ie my local newscast) has expressed at the potential horror is shockingly callous..

    Not only did this ghoulishness tromp on the dignity of its future victims, the storm had ALREADY claimed the lives of at least ten Cubans. But those non-white, non-Americans, aren’t “real” people worthy of respect, right?

    • Spinny Liberal

      Sensationalism. However, I do think meteorologists displayed the most “excitement”/fear. This really was the “Perfect Storm” which would make anyone in that field “excited?” It’s not the right word.

      Anyway, Nor’easter + hurricane + full moon = “Frankenstorm.”

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