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If You Hug Obama, Keep an Eye on Your Yelp Rating

Thou shalt use Yelp only for good. I think that’s the 11th commandment or something.

Seriously, though, rating establishments based on their owners’ political views? That’s just messed up.

It happened to Scott Van Nuzer, the pizza guy who gave Obama that bear hug. This is what one commenter wrote after giving Big Apple’s Pizza one star (the lowest out of five):

i wouldn’t hug obama nor would i vote for him, now i sure will not oder from your resturant!!

The commenter is from Holiday, FL, almost 200 miles away from Ft. Pierce FL.

Yelp is trying to get these comments off, but real ones are getting cut too.

I like the HUGE slices of pizza! Fold and eat! Great place to grab lunch!

My previous comment was removed and I don’t appreciate that one bit, yelp. I actually HAVE been to Big Apple, several times in my life thank you (its right across the street from the college), and I just wanted to point out that in addition to all of the great things the owner of the business does for the community, this pizza shop also made the “world’s longest pizza line” a few years back. I know this because I was there and the residents who helped got free pizza. Its great pizza and a great contribution to my community.

Fort Pierce / Port St. Lucie, FL

People should be giving their opinions on these places based on things like food and service. Pizza tasting like cardboard warrants one star, not the owner being a registered Republican who did and will vote again for Obama.

Even if you agree with the person’s political views, that shouldn’t be the reason why you give them four or five stars.

Isn’t this common sense?