Daily Archives: 10 September 2012

Obama, Birthers, and Bear Hugs

Obama had an interesting weekend on the campaign trail. First, he was at a sports bar in Orlando and a patron pointed out that a boy was born in Hawaii. He makes the shaka sign and says, “You were born in Hawaii. You have a birth certificate?” The customers busted out laughing. Hahaha. Nice swipe at the birthers.

He made another stop at a pizza parlor in Ft. Pierce, FL. The owner gave him a great big bear hug…with the permission of the Secret Service, of course. I’m sure they weren’t exactly thrilled. I love it. Probably because I’m a huggy person by nature.

I love it when we can see the President in these types of situations. It’s a little more relaxed and informal, showing us the more personal side to him. And you can get more of a feel for the person and their nature. He really seems genuine and down-to-earth.

Great pictures. 🙂