Daily Archives: 15 August 2012

Is Mitt Getting Meaner?

On the final stop of his bus tour, he said,

“So, Mr. President, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago, and let us get about rebuilding and reuniting America.”

That surprised me because in the past, when he said something negative about Obama, he’d usually start with, “He’s a nice guy, but…” He was always careful and calculated. Was this calculated too?

Hmm. So many questions. Are the gloves coming off now that he has Ryan-of-the-Far Right by his side? Did picking Ryan give him street cred? This is getting interesting, though. I want to see who the real Mittens is. Are we getting a taste of his true personality with this statement? As this joke of a campaign season progresses, we’ll get more pieces to the boring puzzle that is Mitt Romney (think 5000 pieces, clear blue sky).

His comment still irritated me. This isn’t 2008. He isn’t going to take his campaign back to Chicago. He’s taking it back to the White House. This is a totally different fight than Senator vs. Senator. It’s a Governor trying to unseat the current President kind of fight. Don’t forget that, Mittens.