Clinton is Disappointed in Romney’s Latest Lying Ad

Remember when you were little, and your mom or dad said, “I’m not mad. I’m disappointed?” That felt a whole lot worse than if they were pissed off and yelling at you.

So Romney’s newest TV ad accuses Obama of trying to remove the work requirement from Clinton’s 1996 Welfare Reform Act. For the record, I’m all for welfare reform. I don’t like to see 3rd and 4th generation welfare recipients. There should be an end date. Welfare should be a springboard and not a hammock. That said, the work part should pay well enough to cover things like child care and health care. Then, people won’t say, “Well, when I was on welfare, I had Medicaid, I didn’t need a babysitter because I wasn’t working, and I qualified for food stamps.” Welfare has to be the less attractive choice.

Anyway, Clinton said that the ad wasn’t true. The Department of Human Services directive was to give states more flexibility in determining who does or does not qualify for assistance. The ad leaves out the fact that this directive came from two Republican governors (Utah and Nevada) who asked for it.

Clinton found the ad “especially disappointing” because when Romney was governor of Massachusetts, he pushed a lot for states having more power to control welfare distribution.

Message to Romney: Tsk tsk, Mittens. One of the ghosts of Presidents past is disappointed. Now go to your room and think about what you did.

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