PDA at Chick-Fil-A?

Yuck. And I’m no prude. Hell, I’m bisexual. PDA (kissing and making out) always bugged me. The last thing I want to see if you sticking your tongue down your partner’s throat. I don’t care if you’re a straight or gay couple. Get a room, people.

Now that that’s off my chest, let’s look at the bigger picture. For me, it’s about freedom of speech. Dan Cathy has every right to feel how he feels and to express it. Just like I have the right to share my opinions. Don’t mess with his right to say things that you might disagree with, and don’t mess with mine.

However, if he didn’t allow gay and lesbian couples to eat in his restaurants, I would have a huge problem with that. Blatant discrimination. But that hasn’t happened. All he did was share his opinion, describing his company’s “support of the traditional family.”  Whatever the hell “traditional” means.

We don’t have a Chick-Fil-A in our area. Would I eat there if there were? I don’t know. Fried chicken is my weakness. If people said it was tasty, I might try it. I’m addicted to Jollibee fried chicken, though, and I tend to be brand loyal.

One of the fast food restaurants I love is IN-N-OUT burger. On their wrappers and cups, there are Bible verses. On the Double Double wrapper – that I used to eat until I downsized to the regular cheeseburger (gotta keep that girlish figure) – “Nahum 1:7” is printed:

So what does Nahum 1:7 say?

The Lord is good,
a refuge in times of trouble.
He cares for those who trust in Him.

That’s really nice. And makes me smile.

If I weren’t a spiritual person or even an Atheist, would I take offense? Naah. It’s about the burger. I wouldn’t care if it had the entire verse printed on it, it’s still my favorite burger in the whole world. To be honest though, if the wrapper said, “Satan Rocks,” I might be disturbed. And a little scared. But that cheeseburger with no spread (ketchup and mustard instead), extra onions, and light lettuce? It might compel me to go to the dark side. Heh. Oh and that is my real order. I am high maintenance, and I know and own it. 🙂

About the protest/kiss in. If they want to make out at Chick-Fil-A’s all over the country, that is their right too. Right to peaceably assemble.

If they did it at my local IN-N-OUT burger, though, I’d probably say, “Thanks a lot. I’m not hungry anymore. Now get a room.”

8 responses to “PDA at Chick-Fil-A?

  • lbwoodgate

    Yeah, the christians down here in Dallas-Ft. Worth had quite a support rally for Chick-Fil-A on Wednesday. Lines wrapped around shopping areas where the stores were located. The company made record profits that day, here at least.

  • Ric

    Two points: You won’t see the Christians lining up around the block to help out a food bank or homeless shelter, but they’ll line up like robots when their leaders like Huckabee et al send out a call to support bigotry. You can bet they weren’t there to support free speech or the first amendment.

    And while Dan Cathy and his family have an absolute right to say what they want, the core issue is that they are using Chicken money from all those customers to send millions to stridently anti-gay organizations to push their Christian bigotry. Yes, they can do what they want with their money, but such blatant hypocrisy as blithering about Christian love and understanding while supporting virulent bigotry calls for a response.

    That’s a lousy reason for all those chickens to die.

    • Spinny Liberal

      Being Christian and supporting anti-gay organizations is pretty hypocritical. Not to mention being the exact opposite of being Christlike. In America, they have every right to say these bigoted things and be hypocritical, though.

      • Ric

        And we have the right call them on it. But when we do they start whining that they’re being oppressed, that they’re the victims of evil people, that we’re trying to shut them up, that they have no religious freedom, blah blah blah. They’re like three year old kids: they have no good argument for their actions so they whine and cry and throw a tantrum.

        Did I say welcome back yet? 🙂

      • Spinny Liberal

        I agree that we have the right to call them on it. How they respond is up to them.

        Sort of. You asked me if I had any decency because I insulted saltine crackers by comparing them to Mittens. 😛

      • Ric

        Saltines have a long and honest history, a tradition of being plain-spoken, hard working foodstuffs. The Mitten? Not so much. He’s more of a Twinkie: all form, no substance, conning us into thinking it’s food.

      • Spinny Liberal

        😆 I happen to like your comparison, but there are Twinkie fans out there who would be up in arms.

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