Daily Archives: 14 March 2012

Santorum Sweeps the South and Everyone Yawns

Well, except for Newt Gingrich. He’s probably crying into his beer now. Except for Georgia, he couldn’t take the Deep South? Yikes. It’s pretty much game over for Gingrich. He may vow to keep going

I would have been shocked if Mittens won even one Southern state. I really do think it’s the Mormon thing with that region of the country. A lot of Evangelical Christians don’t see Mormons as Christians. Some even view the LDS church as a cult. Subsequently, they won’t vote for the nomination of a guy who is part of a “cult.”

Enter Santorum. Hardcore social conservative. Anti-abortion even in the cases of rape and incest. Against gay marriage. Doesn’t believe in the total separation of church and state. Music to the ears of an Evangelica Christian Conservative from MS or AL. Santorum, by just being himself, was the pied piper that led these Southern Christian voters to the polls for him. I don’t think a lot of them thought twice…he sang their song.

What I found funny was how he said, “We’re going to win this nomination before the convention.” Aww. Delusional – his chance comes from a brokered convention. But let’s not rain on his parade. Enjoy your day under the Southern sun, Santorum. Congratulations!