On HBO’s Game Change and Sarah Palin

Part of me didn’t want to watch this because it would be giving Sarah Palin more thought than she deserves. A larger part of me wanted to watch because I like “behind-the-scenes” perspectives on things. The larger part won.

Julianne Moore should get an Academy Award or something. It was like watching the actual Sarah Palin. She had her mannerisms and speaking style/tone on lock. Cool in a creepy way. It’s the sign of a great actor.

My feelings toward Sarah Palin changed while watching it. By the end, my original view came back. Full circle. After her disastrous Gibson and Couric interviews, she fell into this deep funk. People were trying to prep her, and it’s like she “checked out.” She gave up. On top of that, she really missed her family. I started feeling really sorry for her. She looked dejected and defeated. When McCain was advised of the situation, he encouraged staffers to take her to his ranch in Sedona and have her family join her. She could take a break before prepping for the VP debate. It was exactly what she needed.

She rocked the VP debate. Because staffers and preppers changed strategies. They had her memorize answers to questions. They gave up trying to make her understand the information and focused on making her a great actress – complete with script. I felt happy for her that she regained her confidence.

Her confidence morphed into a supersized ego and arrogance. She got “too big for her britches.” She started calling the shots and became uncontrollable. That’s when my original view came back. She was ignorant, but arrogantly so.

Throughout the movie, the thought that this woman could have been VP was always in the back of my mind. That was frightening, considering her ignorance. The movie really highlighted how much she didn’t know. She had to learn some very basic things before they even prepped her with the more complex information.

It was a fascinating watch. Was it “real?” According to her top adviser in the campaign, Nicolle Wallace who was portrayed in the movie, it was. She said, “It was true enough to make me squirm.”

If you have the slightest desire, check it out. If anything, it does give you a glimpse at what goes on behind the scenes in a campaign.

Now, all Miss Sarah has to do is stay out of office, and she’ll stay out of my head. Exactly where I want her.

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