1). Win the Lotto 2). Still Get Food Stamps 3). Piss Off Spinny

Lottery Winner on Food Stamps: ‘I thought maybe it was okay because I’m not working’

That must have been Amanda Clayton’s “To Do” list. Thank God I don’t live in Michigan. It would take every ounce of restraint I have to keep me from hunting her down and bitch-slapping her back to last week. I swear to God stories like these make me so angry. Did it ever cross her mind that someone who’s actually hungry could use them? Especially in this economy! Well, apparently not.

When Local 4 asked if she felt she had a right to the money, Clayton responded, “I mean I kinda do. I feel that it’s okay because I mean, I have no income and I have bills to pay. I have two houses.”

Yeah, that second house sure does put a dent in your budget. Can someone in Michigan shake the living crap out of her? Terrance? Ugh!!!

When it comes to welfare, I think we should help our fellow citizens if they need temporary help. Please note the word, “temporary.” Welfare should be a springboard to get you back on your feet. It most certainly should not be a lifestyle. I read about 3rd and 4th generation welfare recipients, and I think, “God, that is just wrong on so many levels.” Is it because they don’t see mom or dad working, but getting food and shelter, that they figure it’s normal? That’s terrible. Don’t they want their kids to strive for a life that’s better than theirs? Don’t the kids want a better life for themselves? I don’t get it.

Another thing about welfare that bugs me is that you don’t have to do anything to receive it. Maybe they could help clean up their neighborhoods. Cities and towns could be much nicer and well-maintained if they made welfare recipients clean them up. Parks and sidewalks could be free of litter. Fences and buildings could have no graffiti. Unless they are completely disabled, they should do something to receive their benefits.

But stories like these, where the recipient who obviously doesn’t need the benefits and still gets them, really make my blood boil. I guess there are people who are just “takers.” Thing is, they’re taking from someone who could really use the help. And that is what disgusts me.

15 responses to “1). Win the Lotto 2). Still Get Food Stamps 3). Piss Off Spinny

  • Terrance H.


    This sort of nonsense is nothing new in Michigan. This idiot won $2 million, continued using foodstamps, and is rewarded with a spot on a TLC television show. He literally lives like 15 minutes away from me.

    Ugh. Idiots.

  • Kini

    Entitlement Mentality!
    This is what happens when you spread govmint cheese!
    She has two houses, before her winnings! How does that happen? 😆

    As if I din’t know! 😆

  • lbwoodgate

    “Cities and towns could be much nicer and well-maintained if they made welfare recipients clean them up.”

    Provided it doesn’t take time away from any serious job search or training.

    Keeping things in perspective Cheryl, I think that these stories agitate us as much as millionaires and billionaires profiteering off of government subsidies and misappropriating the savings of pensioners and moderate investors. However, I also think, as such abuses are offensive and need to be dealt with, they hurt us much less as a society than the corporate welfare that continues to grow by leaps and bounds in this country and the immunization from prosecution these wealthy freeloaders obtain from their buddies in legislatures and the courts.

    • Spinny Liberal

      **I fixed the tag for easier reading.

      That’s a good point. I think they could do both – clean up and job search/training.

      And yes, the abuses of the corporate welfare system hurts us on a massive scale.

  • aFrankAngle

    Just saw a CNN interview and the reporter said (and I paraphrase), “Let me get my prosecutor hat on and say this is welfare fraud.”

  • beaglezmom

    I think we ought to do her a favor and give Uncle Sam and Aunt IRS a call. Most states use tax information as part of their assessment. (Its really not as easy as “i don’t work give me food stamps” and realistically they can’t chase people around and find out if they are working or not. There’s not a lot in the state budget for workers who process these claims).

    And I’m thinking her lotto income surely must be declared on taxes. If not — well, well, she can count her benefits in Jail – where the food is free, you don’t have to work, and you might just have to sell that second house.

    I have clients on state aid – it’s not a lot of money, and most of our client families have 4 or 5 kids (thank you, churches that forbid birth control), and it is often very much needed (even if one or both parents are working). So it’s not an easy system to change or fix without harming the innocent children/people involved.

    However, this woman — needs to have a good long talk with the tax man.

    • Spinny Liberal

      That’s what I was thinking. Isn’t this welfare fraud?

      I’m sure the aid isn’t a lot of money, and it does especially help the working poor. I just think there should be an exit strategy. Sometimes, people will lose their Medicaid or subsidized housing benefits they start working again. It would be more advantageous for them to stay on the program. They have to fix that part where they get help and support as they transition to working again. And the more money if you have more kids thing has to go. Like you should get a certain amount, and it stays that amount even if you have more kids.

  • Kini

    It’s not against the law….

  • John

    Everyone is talking about how she is ripping off tax payers, taking away from others that need food stamps, and so on. However no one is looking at the $200,000 “she paid in “taxes” from her winnings. At $200 a month in food stamps 10 people can receive food stamps for the next 8 years off the taxes she paid out of her winnings.

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