Daily Archives: 7 March 2012

Super (Weird) Tuesday

It wasn’t just Super Tuesday. It was weird. One of the gals who works with our company through a non-profit came in today. She’s 8 months pregnant, and Friday will be her last day before maternity leave. The last day she’ll be at our company is Thursday. Crap! I need a baby gift. After work, I headed out to Babies R Us. That place is a vortex for me. I got the requisite registry item within 5 minutes of entering. I spent the next 2 hours hypnotized by baby clothes. The fact that she’s having a girl made it that much longer – all those cute matching separates. Eventually I got out of there with three outfits and the baby play mat thingie she wanted.

When I got home and ate a late dinner, I stumble on to the NatGeo channel. Doomsday Preppers. This time, talk of global pandemics, financial collapse, and a polar shift hypnotized me. I am fascinated by their obsession and their determination to survive. Kudos. I am determined to be one of the victims. I have absolutely no desire to survive and live in a post-apocalyptic world. In the background (on my laptop) were the results from Super Tuesday. During the show, Ohio was still up for grabs. By the end, Ohio went to Romney. By 1%!

So my Super Tuesday went from shopping for a baby to doomsday scenarios to the long, drawn-out battle for Ohio.

Delegates-wise, Romney is in better shape. 323. States-wise, it wasn’t a TKO for Romney. Here’s how it went down:

Newt Gingrich

Ron Paul
None =(

Mitt Romney

Rick Santorum
North Dakota

So what does this all mean? The fight continues on. This is going the full 12 rounds (seems more like the old-school 15). No one is throwing in the towel yet. Even Ron Paul is in it to win it. More debates, primaries, negative ads, and robocalls. Tis election season.

November is looking so far away.