GOP Debate: Getting Heated in the Hot and Itchy State

Things got a little tense between Santorum and Romney in the CNN Debate in Arizona. Santorum was his same jerky self. It was interesting to see Romney get a little testy and condescending with him, though. I especially liked when he said “Nice try” in one of his retorts. Newt Gingrich was all about reminiscing when he was Speaker and bashing Obama. Ron Paul was…Ron Paul. He really nailed it when he chose “consistent” as the one word to describe himself. Actually, Ron Paul made the most sense up there. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that. Meanwhile, enjoy! 🙂

Newt Gingrich
1. Strong America Now! Just as catchy as Contract with America! And equally useless.
2. Forget all this contraception crap. Obama is a baby killer.
3. “When I was Speaker…” the sky was always blue, money grew on trees, and everyone who wanted a pony got a pony.

Ron Paul
1. Why do I have an ad for Santorum being fake? “Because he’s fake!”
2. Don’t blame the Pill because our society is slutty.
3. I don’t know about Ricky’s copy, but abstinence education is no where in the Constitution.

Mitt Romney
1. I did NOT make Catholic hospitals provide the morning after pill to rape victims. They have to keep their rapist’s spawn.
2. You said on Laura Ingraham that Conservatives could trust me, Rick. No backsies!
3. Women can be in combat and die just like the guys in these useless wars.

Rick Santorum
1. Earmarks are the bomb. Speaking of bombs, Iran has some.
2. “The difference between me and the Left is”…night and day.
3. Homeowners won’t have to e-verify. Don’t worry about having a dirty house. Lupita isn’t going anywhere. We won’t tell.

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