Sacrificing an Appendage for Ron Paul

Ron Paul Supporter Says Gingrich Security Officer Fractured his Foot

Just when I think that political campaigns have hit bottom with their dirty tricks, someone pulls out a shovel. Stomping on his foot so hard that it’s broken? Jesus, what is this? The GOP Primary or cage fighting? Sidebar: I never liked MMA. Feet shouldn’t be in the picture. Another reason why I’m a boxing fan.

Anyway, the Gingrich security crew told Eddie Dillard (who was holding a Ron Paul 2012 sign) to leave their campaign stop. When he didn’t, someone decided to stomp on his foot. He had every right to be there. It wasn’t like he was part of an angry mob attacking Gingrich.

When I first read this article, I thought, “Oh snap. Assaulting a Ron Paul supporter? All hell is going to break loose.” Paul has very intense, dedicated supporters. They are everywhere, and many follow him on the campaign trail. Paul’s campaign handled it very well, demanding an apology from Newt’s camp. Yeah, I know. Don’t hold your breath.

Dillard is planning to file a lawsuit and press charges. Suing the hell out of Newt may divert some of his campaign money to his settlement. I love it. He’s not just a supporter with a broken foot anymore. He is now, Eddie Dillard, martyr for the cause.

Ron Paul for President! I get a kick out of writing that.

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